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Happenings, history and news of the Prospect Park Neighborhood and Ypsilanti


Hello my name is Kurt A. and I’ve lived my entire 37 years in the neighborhood known as ‘The Prospect Park’ * neighborhood in Ypsilanti, Michigan. I do my best to keep up with the current affairs of neighborhood and the city of Ypsilanti. As I find things of interests I plan on posting them to this blog along with historical tidbits and ideas I might come up with to promote the community.

I hope you find the site useful and I hope to receive comments on current posts and ideas for future posts. If you have any questions about the goings on in the city drop me a note and I’ll try to find the answers for you.

*The Prospect Park Neighborhood incorporates the areas between River st on the West, Prospect on the East, East Forest ave. on the South and Holmes road on the North. The neighborhood would more properly be called the Peck Property neighborhood because it is from the old Peck family farm that the neighborhood was built.


9 Responses to “About”

  1. Jennifer Wenzel said

    Hi Kurt,
    I don’t know how close to Prospect Road you are, but I was wondering if you’ve noticed/heard anything about truck traffic up and down Prospect. It seems like this winter there are tons more trucks, and much heavier trucks, than I ever remember, to the extent that my house shakes violently several times a day. (I say this having become pretty acclimated and able to ignore to the teeth-shaking bass on car stereos.) I’m pretty sure that I saw a double-length trailer this afternoon.

    I’m out of touch with the Neighborhood Association, but it seems like an issue that they/we might want to discuss. I called Ypsi Public Works, who was pretty uninterested (though, as I pointed out, they have to fill the craters these trucks are making) and told me to call the police. The police said they had gotten three calls about trucks today, but their impression was that it was about reckless trucks involved in construction at Walgreeen’s.

    Anyway, I’m not sure what a community could do, but this has certainly meant an erosion in quality of life at my house, and probably for those in the neighborhood as well, especially those on or close to Prospect or Forest.

  2. Hello!

    We mentioned your site in our recent article surrounding the strength of Ypsilanti. It discusses the transformation of the city due largely to the efforts of local bloggers.

    Just thought that you might be interested!


    MiLife MiTimes

  3. Acadia said

    Perhaps the increased truck traffic on Prospect is due to the closure of LeForge road for the Summer? Hopefully it will improve soon! 🙂

  4. Julie said

    Don’t know if you’ve heard about the new blog all about life in Ypsi and Ann Arbor…check it out!


  5. joe zias said

    Why did Woorward choose the name Ypsilanti for the town? I went to Prospect, YHS and like many people thought the town was named after an Indian. Took me 50 yrs and living abroad to find out that he was a Greek army general.

  6. I enjoyed visiting the website. I am researching the trading post real estate transactions involving Augustus Woodward and Gabriel Godfroy. Your timeline entry for 1811 suggests it was set up “in agreement with Augustus Woodward of Detroit as part of a land speculation deal.” What is your evidence inasmuch Woodward does not purchase Godfroy’s claim until 1825 when he and his other partners — who are they — subdivide the village?

    • ppna said


      I haven’t updated the blog in a long time so I just saw your questions. Now that winter is upon us, I’ll get back into Ypsilanti history more. Please Email me if you are still working on things. I can put you in touch with other folks as well.


  7. Woodward’s died in 1828 or so and his estate passed to his brother John Woodward and sister Marie Pease. Her husband was Adrial Pease. You have a Pease auditorium there at EMU. Do you have information re: them?

  8. Neil J. Lehto said

    Interesting website.

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