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Ypsilanti Recycling Guidelines

Posted by ppna on February 17, 2008

I just thought I’d put the guidelines out there for those that don’t know the rules of Ypsilanti Recycling. We really do have a good program here in Ypsilanti and I suggest you recycle as much as you can. If you have more trash bags than recycle containers you could be doing a lot more.

The guidelines are on the city website under Public Works and as always I suggest you go to the primary source when I copy something because it might change there but it won’t here.

If you want more information visit the Washtenaw County Recycle site. The County accepts those hazardous things you just can’t figure out how to get rid of responsibly and has tips on a lot of other things too.

Recycling Guidelines


Plastic Bottles with a 1(PET) or 2 (HDPE) on the Bottom

* No tubs, trays, lids or bags
* No motor oil or antifreeze bottles even with a 1 or 2
* Rinse, discard caps and flatten

Clear, Green, & Brown Glass Food & Beverage Containers

* Only bottles & jars, no window glass, no ceramics, no dishes, no drinking glasses, and no light bulbs
* Rinse & remove caps & recycle in bin

Tin & Aluminum

* Rinse, remove ends and flatten
* Includes non deposit cans, foil and
* disposable baking trays ONLY.

Milk Cartons & Juice Boxes

* Rinse and Flatten
* No Plastic Caps
* No frozen juice concentrate tubs

Do not place the above in bags please!


* Bundle each category separately with string or place in paper bags or cardboard boxes.
* Place next to bin, but don’t block the view of bin.

Corrugated Cardboard

* Bundle in 3 foot by 4 foot bundles
* If too large to bundle, take to any drop-off center.
* No pizza boxes
* Place next to or on top of bin


* cereal boxes, egg cartons and similar type material
* flatten and remove inner bags or packaging
* milk cartons and juice boxes must be recycled with containers
* no boxboard that touched food

Newspaper, Magazines & Junk Mail

* Newspapers include glossy inserts
* Magazines and paperback books including phone books
* Mixed paper, glossy coated OK
* No plastic or metal tabs, binders, transparencies, carbon paper, sticky notes or tissue paper.

White Ledger (high grade)

* No colored paper (may be recycled with above), notebook paper or envelopes.
* Pin feed computer OK
* No thermal fax paper


* AA, AAA, C, D, 9 & 6 Volt type
* Car batteries
* Place in sealed clear baggie next to the bin
* Place car batteries in separate clear plastic bag, tightly tied.

Styrofoam (only accepted at drop-off center)

* Remove food Particles
* Stack in clear plastic bags, tightly tied or bundle with string.

Motor Oil/Transmission Fluid

* Do not mix fluids, must be in separate containers
* Place at the curb in sturdy containers such as clean empty plastic detergent or milk jugs, clearly marked OIL.
* No glass containers, No antifreeze
* No containers over 1 gallon


City Drop-Off Center
Township Drop-Off Centers

For many City residents, some of the extra services and locations available in the Township may be of interest.

Place the bin at the curb 6 feet from your rubbish by 6:30 a.m. on your regular collection day


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