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New Neighbor Guide

Welcome to Ypsilanti  and the  Prospect Park Neighborhood

This guide is intended to help you find your way around Ypsilanti and the surrounding community. Ypsilanti and Washtenaw County are known for diversity, parks and arts. This guide will give you an introduction to some of the offerings around your home and in the surrounding communities.

The Prospect Park Neighborhood you have moved into is a friendly neighborhood so feel free to talk with your neighbors over the fence or over a dinner.

I hope this guide will be helpful to you and if you have any questions feel free to contact:

Kurt Anschuetz  prospectparkneighborhood@comcast.net

Prospect Park Neighborhood Association President

Section 1: Emergencies

Local Police and Fire Department and Ambulance may be reached by calling 911

The non-emergency police phone number is 483-9510


The Closest Hospital is St. Joseph Mercy Hospital which is a fantastic hospital only 3 miles away.

1.Head west on E Forest Ave toward Hemphill St

0.5 mi

2.Turn right at N Huron St

0.7 mi

3.Continue on N Huron River Dr

1.3 mi

4.Turn right at McAuley Dr

0.1 mi

5.Turn left at Elliott Dr

0.6 mi

Gas Leak or Outside Electrical Problem such as downed power line or no power

Gas Leak –  800-947-5000

Power Outage or downed power line – 800-477-4747

Water Main Break – Not for household plumbing issues

Contact the Ypsilanti Community Utilities Authority — 734.484.4600

Loose, Found, or injured animal – Not yours

Humane Society of Huron Valley

3100 Cherry Hill Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48105
Phone: 734-662-5585

Section 2: City Services

Trash Collection in the Prospect Park Neighborhood is on Wednesday. Trash is to be placed at the curb Tuesday night or before the truck on Wednesday. A limit of 3 cans of trash per week is allowed you If you need to put out more trash than your allowable limit you may purchase stickers for $2.00 each to place on additional bags. Stickers may be purchased at the Department of Public Works office at 14 West Forest Street between the hours of 8:00 am – 4:00 pm, Monday – Friday.

Items That We DO NOT Take at the Curb

  • Gasoline and Automotive Oil
  • Car and Truck Parts/Engines
  • Hazardous Wastes
  • Construction/Roofing Debris
  • Yard Waste Mixed with Trash
  • Large Pieces of Wood/Dry Wall
  • Concrete/Bricks
  • Fencing/Railroad Ties
  • Tree Stumps
  • Wet Paint Cans – Dried Paint cans or paint mixed with kitty litter are taken

Curbside Yard Waste Pick-up

What is yard waste?

Yard waste consists of grass clippings, leaves, garden material and bundled or contained branches that are two (2) inches or smaller in diameter and cut in four (4) foot lengths or smaller.

How do I prepare yard waste for pick-up?

Place in brown compost bags or in a trash can thirty-two gallons or smaller with handles. Place approximately six (6) feet from trash. Think green – no plastic bags please.

Yard waste should be free of rubbish, dirt, sod and recyclables

Branches two (2) inches in diameter or smaller will be picked up if contained (see guidelines above) or bundled with twine and placed next to yard waste containers.

A friendly reminder – For the sake of your back and the back of our employees please follow OSHA’S guidelines and keep the bags 50 pounds or under. Back injuries are not only a pain they also cost $$$.

When will yard waste be picked up?

Yard waste will be picked up on trash day March 31, through December 19, 2008. Please place at curb no later than 6:00 am on trash day or the evening before.

Recycling Guidelines


Plastic Bottles with a 1(PET) or 2 (HDPE) on the Bottom

  • No tubs, trays, lids or bags
  • No motor oil or antifreeze bottles even with a 1 or 2
  • Rinse, discard caps and flatten

Clear, Green, & Brown Glass Food & Beverage Containers

  • Only bottles & jars, no window glass, no ceramics, no dishes, no drinking glasses, and no light bulbs
  • Rinse & remove caps & recycle in bin

Tin & Aluminum

  • Rinse, remove ends and flatten
  • Includes non deposit cans, foil and
  • disposable baking trays ONLY.

Milk Cartons & Juice Boxes

  • Rinse and Flatten
  • No Plastic Caps
  • No frozen juice concentrate tubs

Do not place the above in bags please!


  • Bundle each category separately with string or place in paper bags or cardboard boxes.
  • Place next to bin, but don’t block the view of bin.

Corrugated Cardboard

  • Bundle in 3 foot by 4 foot bundles
  • If too large to bundle, take to any drop-off center.
  • No pizza boxes
  • Place next to or on top of bin


  • cereal boxes, egg cartons and similar type material
  • flatten and remove inner bags or packaging
  • milk cartons and juice boxes must be recycled with containers
  • no boxboard that touched food

Newspaper, Magazines & Junk Mail

  • Newspapers include glossy inserts
  • Magazines and paperback books including phone books
  • Mixed paper, glossy coated OK
  • No plastic or metal tabs, binders, transparencies, carbon paper, sticky notes or tissue paper.

White Ledger (high grade)

  • No colored paper (may be recycled with above), notebook paper or envelopes.
  • Pin feed computer OK
  • No thermal fax paper


  • AA, AAA, C, D, 9 & 6 Volt type
  • Car batteries
  • Place in sealed clear baggie next to the bin
  • Place car batteries in separate clear plastic bag, tightly tied.

Styrofoam (only accepted at drop-off center)

  • Remove food Particles
  • Stack in clear plastic bags, tightly tied or bundle with string.

Motor Oil/Transmission Fluid

  • Do not mix fluids, must be in separate containers
  • Place at the curb in sturdy containers such as clean empty plastic detergent or milk jugs, clearly marked OIL.
  • No glass containers, No antifreeze
  • No containers over 1 gallon

Place the bin at the curb 6 feet from your rubbish by 6:30 a.m. on your regular collection day

Recycling Drop-Off CenterWill accept all items taken at curb plus a few more

651 Rice Street – Depot Town Rice Street is the street between the railroad tracks and Frog Island you will see the red shed halfway between Depot Town and Forest Avenue.

Thursday, Friday & Saturday
9:00 AM through 3:00 PM

The City of Ypsilanti’s Recycling Drop–Off Center accepts all items taken in the curbside recycling program.

Section 3: Shopping

We encourage our neighbors to shop locally as much as possible. Shopping locally at locally owned and operated stores helps keep the city moving forward.

Depot-Town and Downtown offerings

Depot-Town means the area of the city just down from the neighborhood on Cross Street.

Downtown means the Michigan Avenue section of the city.

Both Depot Town and Downtown are within walking distance

Guitar/instrument stores /

Dennis’ Music – Depot Town – A really nice guy to buy instruments from or get advice.

Fast Eddies — Downtown – Another local mostly guitar shop


Bikes in Town – Downtown – A very nice place to buy a bike or have one repaired. They have great fast and friendly service

Bakery –

Food Co-op – Depot-Town — Fresh baked breads

Café Luwak – Depot-Town – sells the same great bread they use for their sandwiches

Queen of Hearts – Depot Town – Mostly a custom confectionary bakery which specializes in cakes and the like not really a bakery for common goods.

Terry Bakery – Downtown — Keeps weird hours but is good for fresh donuts

Candy, Toys, Ice Cream –

Café-Luwak – Depot-town — Very Good Ice-Cream, coffee, sandwiches

Dairy Queen – Michigan Ave. and River St. – Soft serve Ice Cream

Gordon’s Five and Dime – Depot Town – a great spot to get kids a candy treat or some fun retro toys. A very nice wholesome shop

The Rocket – Downtown – A great place for candy treat and unique toys. The Rocket also has great interesting gifts for adults as well.


The Enchanted Florist – Depot-Town – A nice local florist

Art Gallery/supplies

What is that Gallery – Downtown – A consignment art shop with many styles and artists represented. They also hold pottery classes.

Nelson Amos — Depot-Town – Art Work from Nelson Amos a local artist who paints local scenes.

Art Attack – Cross Street by Campus – a small art supply store.

Groceries –

The Ypsilanti Food Co-op : Located on the East Side of River Street just past Depot Town the Food Co-op is within walking distance of your home. The food co-op offers fresh produce, breads (bakery on site), milk, cheese, granola and just about anything else you’d need except meats. You don’t have to be a member of the co-op to buy from them but members do receive discounts on their purchases.

Dos Hermanos Mexican Grocery : Dos Hermanos is a small grocery located on the far west end of the Downtown Section of Ypsilanti about 1.5 miles but a nice walk from the neighborhood. It is a Mexican grocery so it has Mexican good but also has a nice meat counter and produce.

Kroger – Kroger is a Midwestern chain retailer of groceries. The nearest Kroger is located on Michigan avenue east of the neighborhood about 2 miles away. This Kroger happens to be one of the worst in the chain and has a poor supply of produce but is good if you just need to pick something up quickly. Head west on Forest to the stop sign and Harris road and make a right. Harris will dead end at the Michigan Ave. Light where you make a left. Kroger will be about a quarter of a mile down on your left.

Vons Supermaket – Vons is located about 2 miles away and is a small grocery store but has a decent meat and produce section. To get to Vons head North out of the neighborhood to Holmes Road and make a right on Holmes. Travel on Holmes road past Harris and Vons will be on your immediate left.

Large Grocery Stores:

Kroger on Whittaker Road – Much nicer than the local Kroger

Kroger on Carpenter Road

Meijer on Carpenter Road

Household Products:

Hardware, Lawn-care supplies –

Congdon’s Ace Hardware 111 Pearl St. 482-2545 – This is a locally owned helpful hardware store within walking distance of the neighborhood. It is located on Pearl street in Ypsilanti’s Downtown

If you must shop a chain store. Carpenter Road / Michigan Ave

If you can’t find what you are looking for at one of our local retailers Carpenter Road is probably your best bet. Located within a mile of each other are Kroger, Lowe’s, Home-Depot, Target, Meijer, and many other stores.

To reach carpenter road follow Cross Street West. Right After the Water-Tower Cross will split and have a veer off to the left. Make the left which will be Packard. You will follow Packard for a few miles until you hit Carpenter Road which is a large busy intersection. Make a left on Carpenter Road and you will see the stores.

Michigan Avenue in Canton (about 10 miles away) is building up incredibly fast and has everything you will find on Carpenter Road plus more including IKEA. If you head to Michigan Ave and take a left heading East you will eventually see a strip mall jungle where all of the stores are located.

Restaurants and Bars

FYI ALL of Downtown and Depot-Town Ypsilanti has free wireless internet connections

Ypsilanti has a wide range of restaurants and bars so for the most part I’ll let you venture out to open the doors and to see them for yourself. For the most parts the restaurants and bars are located in Depot-Town and Downtown (both on Washington st. and Michigan Ave.). Listed here on only a few highlights that you should know about.

The Corner Brewery – Located right down Forest Ave just outside our neighborhood. The Corner Brewery is the brewery for the Arbor Brewing Company beers. Being an actual brewery means they can only sell what they produce so your choices are limited to the beers on tap (usually about 10 different beers) and either red or white wine. The CB has a limited menu but you are free to have food delivered from other restaurants you are not allowed to bring in your own food (health dept. rules). The Corner has become a local hang-out and is a popular spot for meetings and fund-raising events. The CB has a large ‘beer-garden’ out back which is a great treat in the summer. The CB is kid friendly until 9pm (as long as your children are well behaved). The CB is the only Smoke Free ‘Bar’ in the city.

Café Luwak – Depot Town – Café Luwak is a quiet place with great Ice-cream, Coffee, and cold and hot Sandwiches. Café Luwak is probably the best place if you just want to grab something to eat or meet with friends.

Dalat Vietnamese Restaurant – Located on the corner of Michigan Ave. and Huron Street Dalat is a fantastic restaurant with good food and good prices.

Sidetrack, Sticks, and Aubrees – All located in Depot-Town these three bars all offer something a little different. Aubrees is the place for happy hour food with ½ price Calzones and Pizza and Sidtrack is the place for Happy Hour booze and beer with both a daytime and late-night happy hour. Sticks is the upstairs of Aubrees and include the outside deck area known as the Tiki-lounge and also has very nice pool tables.

The Downtown Bars including the Tap Room, The Elbow Room and TCs all have live music. I would suggest visiting these bars to figure out which suits your tastes.

Haabs – Downtown – Haabs is an old time restaurant with good food and a cozy setting. If you want the best Happy Hour in town Haabs has one from 5-7 which can’t be beat because of the great food and alcohol specials.

Get out there and see what suits you.


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  1. emYOU Tim said

    I just wanted to comment on this site in general and this particular section. I’m new to blogging so please forgive me! I’ve recently started a magazine, you may have seen it throughout the city, entitled emYOU! The Magazine…Thats e m YOU, like the University! Anyways, the point of the magazine is to highlight the positives not only at EMU but within the surrounding Ypsi community. I’d love if the link to our website could be posted so more members of the community can find out what’s happening not only on campus, but off campus as well.

    I chose this particular section to reply in because I think its great that you have a “New Neighbor Guide”. It’s ironic actually, because another product we publish is called “The College Survival Guide”. It’s a phone directory geared toward new students to the community. I love that you support the community so much to list a number of businesses within the page! Our main goal is to bridge the gap between EMU and Ypsi. So, I just wanted to thank you for making the effort to better the community. If you or anyone is more interested in what we’re doing over here on Pearl St. Feel free to contact me at tim@pakmode.com or call my office line 734.926.1108. Thanks again!!


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