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The Fence is gone, Wowsers wowsers the fence is gone

Posted by ppna on August 25, 2008

For the past 2 years I have been complaining about the rented fence that lined Michigan avenue along the Water Street property. There were several reasons why I hated the fence, It was ugly, it didn’t secure anything, and it was costing $400.00 a month. Thankfully, a couple of days ago I saw the rental company out there picking up the fence and taking it away. I’m not sure what we could have done with that $20,000 we spent on the fence but I’m sure it would have been better than the fence.


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Heritage Festival Wrap Up

Posted by ppna on August 18, 2008

Hey Jaycees — Thanks for taking care of the trash and the other work you did this year.

This was the first year I became involved in the Heritage Festival in any way. On Friday I volunteered to work in the ‘Green’ tent with the EMU Stormwater team which works to educate the public on the dangerous effects of water runoff into our rivers and ground water as well as other ‘green’ projects.

On Saturday I volunteered to give walking tours of Michigan avenue and N. Huron streets with the ‘Ypsilanti Walking Tour company’ we didn’t get a lot of takers for the tours but I think Ed’s idea of having people on-call for tours through the V.C.B., The Marriot, etc. is a good idea and the hope is that tours will be something people request in the future. All proceeds from the tours go to the Riverside Neighborhood Association.

Volunteering at these booths forced me to sit around and look at the festival from a different perspective than I had in the past. What I noticed for the first time is how much the younger kids seemed to have fun and I think the Heritage Festival Committee did a great job providing entertainment. The band selection was good, the petting zoo seemed fun, the kids area always seemed packed. I was disappointed in the “learn to fiddle in 20 minutes” (not what I expected) but it was a great exercise for the kids and you’d be hard pressed to find a more enthusiastic leader.

I really enjoyed the Freighthouse fund raiser Happy Hour on Friday night. It was a perfect night to sit on the back porch of the freighthouse with a band playing at the perfect volume. I met with a group of neighbors and we had a fun talk with the mayor and other local folks. The Lah De Dah baseball game (played by the rules of 1867) on Sunday was fun to sit and watch. The Fireworks were great and the setting perfect. If you didn’t take in the festival – make sure you do next year it is on the upswing.

I hope the festival continues to grow the ‘green’ section and invite more and more groups. I would also like to see more Ypsilanti heritage represented. I know at least one business in Depot Town had their best day ever but downtown seemed rather empty. I’m sure as a community we could help the Heritage Festival committee get more of the folks downtown, lets think of ways and let them know.

All and All.
Great job Heritage Festival Committee and Jaycees,
I really enjoyed this years festival (even though the ducks are rigged against me).

Thanks Kurt

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What is trash to some is art to others

Posted by ppna on August 11, 2008

Today I was walking down the stairs from the Riverside Arts Center into Riverside Park and I couldn’t believe how much trash is on those steps. As part of a ‘Capture the Trash’ team this spring I know that area was spotless. The trash is the cause for 3 concerns. The first concern being the idiots who throw the trash in the first place. The second being that the DTCDC hasn’t organized any force to take care of incidentals like trash clean-up. The third problem is the folks at the River Side Arts Center. I consider those steps into the park as part of their property (weather they are or aren’t) and they should be expected to maintain it. The city has been incredibly generous with money for the R.A.C. and it would be nice if some of the folks benefiting from the tax dollars would take a few minutes a day to maintain the stairs which means cleaning trash in the summer and shoveling in the winter.

It’s the little things that keep a community clean. I realize I should have stopped to pick up the trash but I was working on another volunteer project at the time I noticed it and didn’t have the time.

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Walking Tours during the Heritage Festival

Posted by ppna on August 10, 2008

ANNOUNCING: Guided Walking Tours of Michigan Avenue (Huron River to Hamilton
& back) and North Huron Street (Michigan Avenue to Forest & back).

Tours will begin after the Heritage Festival parade on Saturday, August 16th …
beginning at 1PM and running every hour on the hour. Last tours will depart from
the tent at 7PM.

Tours include historic, architectural and anecdotal highlights along these
Riverside Neighborhood thoroughfares in the heart of Ypsilanti’s Historic District.

Tickets for tours are $10 per person, $5 Students, children FREE … with all proceeds
going to RNA to fund more tours and other neighborhood association development
projects. (Sorry – No advance sales or reservations are available.)

Tours are sponsored by the Riverside Neighborhood Association, the Downtown
Association of Ypsilanti, and EMYOU! Magazine.

Tour price includes a Walking Tour Lapel button, good for continuous downtown
retail discounts, a free copy of “Ypsilanti Timeline”, a chapbook compiled by Kurt
Anscheutz, plus a colorful Downtown Association of Ypsilanti shopping and
entertainment map and guide.

For tickets and other information visit The Guided Walking Tour Company tent on
North Huron, just north of Pearl Street, next door to the Riverside Art Center
(108 North Huron).

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Ypsilanti Commercial Newspaper Notes 1869

Posted by ppna on August 7, 2008

Ypsilanti Commercial 1869

Most of the editorials were about the need to fund another railroad line. There were numerous repots about the amount of rain in 1869 and many places were flooded. 3 articles about people getting hit by the Michigan Central (but none in Ypsilanti). Lots of reports on the need to support the temperance movement because of fighting and one murder (Ypsilanti youths killed a youth in Ann Arbor).

April 10 – Add for the arrival of Tom Thumb and his Little Party

May 11- Real Estate Sale, Estate of Emeline Tock (an insane person) commencing on Cross st 20ft west of s.e. corner of lot 271 in Norris & Cross addition to the village (now city) running 20ft, then North Parallel with the east line 56ft, then east parallel to cross 20ft, than south, William B. Tock, Guardian

Ad – Parson Brothers lumberyard south end of River st. New Planning Mill

April 17 – Incendiary (arsonist) in Ypsilanti – Philo Ferrier’s foundry was burned at midnight on River St. Owners of nearby residences moved furniture out of their houses. 3:30am – Burned: The Methodist Church Shed, I.N. Conklin’s barn, E Hendricks & J. Kitchen’s barns destroyed, E. Yost & Chenney Barns saved. There was an attempt to burn the Baptist Church too. – The Mayor later offered a $500.00 reward

May 1 – editorial about the editorial in ‘our contempory’s paper. Apparently there was an attack upon the Ladies Library Association. “Catalog of the library will soon be available and it will give the public the opportunity to decide how much ‘filthy slime’ and ‘tepid nastiness’ there is in the library.

Batchelder Bros erection opposite the Marble works on Washington a spacious 2 story building 24×75 to expand their business

May 21 – Opposite the Hawkins House Mrs. Mayne is erecting a nice sore, desiging a first class front between the old Lazzaleer block & Martins.

Nearly opposite Rowley’s produce store, Mr. S. Whitmarsh is erecting a produce & feed store of Comely Proportions

Unusual activity going on in the Corner store of the Norris Block. The new proprietor O.E. Thompson bought this property and is going to renovate & repair right to the handle. O.E. Thompson is glad to be out of the old barn in the rear having for $100 bequeathed the barn & all apertures belonging thereto to our good natured colored friend William Casey.

June 5
“The Greatest Show of the Season” Dr. James L. Thayers Circus and Hippodrome June 14th. 2 shows 50cents adult 25cents children

June 12
An imposter and vagrant – A person having the form of a man who represents that one of his arms is paralyzed is around our streets begging for money, ostensibly to pay for medicine to cure his arm but in reality to pay for whiskey.

June 26th – James Robinson’s Champion Circus Combined with Gardner & Kenyon’s Menagerie coming July 7th.

July 10th –Real Estate: W.H. French to Ellen Sprig house and 2 lots on Cross $2800.00
A.M. Milligan to Samuel Robbins 10 acres on Forest $4500
Mary C. Spencer to A.M. Card house and lot on Huron $2000
A.M. Card to H. Batchelder house & lot on Huron $2000
M.L. Shutts to M.S. Starr House & Lot on Adams st. $5000

Report on the 4th of July in Ypsilanti – once again the editor is disappointed in the turn out of the city on the 4th of July. Only the horse association celebrated by having a race and horse show. “Track of horse association course was in poor condition races were postponed.

Saloons remained opened on the 4th and there was a large number of street fights ‘most disgraceful sight.

July 24 –O.W. Peck’s residence on Summit Street has the finest sheep. Imported from Canada and Scotland to improve the states wool. 2 Bucks and 20 pair of lambs.

Aug 14 –
Whitmore & Son are raising their sash & blind manufactory on Cross st. Building Two story building and making the front correspond with O.E. Thompsons as near as possible.

Aug 28 – Mr. George Moorman is erecting a steam flouring mill with Brick Walls on the bank of the River in the rear of Mr. S. Rowley’s produce store. 45×55 3 story building.

Mr. B. Thompson has moved his wagon shop on Cross st. back and is going to make a residence of it. It has been occupied as a shop for over a quarter of a century. ‘Cross st. East is coming up.’

Sept 11 – Levi J. North’s Circus and assorted performing animals coming Sept 17th.

Sept 25 – Real Estate: C.R. Pattison House and Lot on Cross st. to H. Haskins esq $2100
C.R. Pattison to S.W. Pattison lot on Cross $300
William Webster to John Shipman 10 acres on Forest $4500
Andrew Martin to A.M. Card house & lot on Huron $3000
George Shier to G.W. Moore house & lot on Oak $800
Warren L. Rice to John A. Judson house & lot on Congress $1300

Oct 9- Druey & Taylor have started a hardware store in Morse’s block, corner of Congress & Washington sts. Mr. D. will be remembered as formerly with Bickford & Camp.

Oct 16: O.E. Thompson print shop specializing in vehicle painting and now doing signs.

Oct 23rd – Snow Storm like never scene before in October.

Now 6th – What we need: We need an efficient police force of one or more persons. “We know our taxes are enormous but they people demand security, public order and decency. It is the cheapest in the long run.

Nov 20 – Fire Last Saturday 9pm. Jacob Emerick’s barns, shed’s, cider mill, 1000 bushels of apples. Large Quantity of Hay burned.

December 25th : Story about the building of the museum at the Normal College.

Mr. Motford, the Normal School Janitor – a colored man, & family occupy the basement of the Museum as the building was being finished. Mr. S. Hand left lumber in the building along the only access point for the Motford’s. The lumber got wet due to the families movements. Mr. Hand had the workers using the Motford’s janitorial supplies without asking and when the children would go to retrieve them they would be harassed and called names. Mrs. Motford stated ‘I spent 20years as a slave and never suffered as much abuse as Mr. Hand and his workers gave.’ One day Mr. Hand tore down the Motford’s clothesline and threw it on the ground. Mr. Motford confronted Mr. Hand and a fight broke out. Mrs. Motford went to the aid of her husband and brickbats, stone & blood started flying. Seth, Davis & co. talked Mr. Motford and Mr. Hand went after Mrs. Motford. He hit her with brickbats, wounding her severely,. ‘She lays him hors de combat, breaking his arm.’ She then went to the aid of her husband and charged the men with a club causing the men to flee. Mrs. M. suffered many injuries and is slowly recovering.

1872 real-estate house on the corner of Huron & Pearl $9000

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Ward 3 Field Day and Pot-Luck September 13th

Posted by ppna on August 6, 2008

I mentioned my plan for an Ypsilanti Community Day earlier on this site but I was told there just wasn’t enough time to plan a big event so I’m scaling back the plan to a Ward 3 field day / pot luck. I’m going for September 13th, noon, at Prospect or Riverside Parks.

This will be a neighborhood association vs. neighborhood association contest with the winning neighborhood walking away with bragging rights and a trophy.

We had a brief idea gathering session and this is what we came up with for games:

Capture the Flag, 3 legged Race, Shoe Kick, Water Balloon Toss / Egg Toss, Corn Hole, 4 square tournament, Tug-O-War, Kick-Ball, wheel barrow race, and sack race.

We need help coming up with games and entertainment for the people that aren’t interested or can’t participate in the physical activities. We didn’t come up with much so it would be nice to get some ideas. We could have some table games like Euchre, Scrabble, Texas Hold em, etc where the winner earns points for their neighborhood.

We’d also like everyone to participate in a Pot-Luck so we’ll have grills and things set up.

It would be nice to have a bike parade where kids decorate their bikes and then ride them to the park.

Two Talent Shows, One being Goofy talents and the other ‘real’ talents.

Any other ideas are welcome.

What We Need:
Participation, Participation, Participation
Volunteers, Volunteers, Volunteers
Game equipment depending on the games we intend to play
Grills etc.
A way to pay for incidentals like cups, knives, forks, etc.
We may need a port-o-john, park use fee, and other things.

This will only be as good as people put into it so I’d like feedback if you are willing to help set this up.


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Notes from the Ward 3 Candidate Forum

Posted by ppna on August 4, 2008

Notes from the Ward 3 Candidate Forum:
The audience was given note cards to write their questions.
Each Candidate was read the same question and given 3 minutes to respond. Neither Candidate used the full three minutes.
Included here are summaries of the answers from notes I took during the meeting. I tried to be as complete as possible but some points may have been missed.

I sent this summary to the candidates a couple of days ago and have only heard back from Rod who said there were some points he’d correct me on but all in all it was a good enough summary that he didn’t have a problem with it.

The Forum started with Candidate introductions and then went onto questions.

Question 1
What sets you apart from your fellow contender?

Murdock: Pete explained how he has a broader range of experience and listed all of the committees and projects he’s worked on since moving to Ypsilanti. Pete suggested that he would look at a wide array of voices and look for a consensus on what is right for the city.

Johnson: Rod explained how he has current experience which is helpful because of the ever changing face of the people and the direction of the city. Rod mentioned that only Ed Koryzno remains and that Ed had been doing a good job. Rod said he is “Fresh and up to Speed” has worked with neighborhood associations through COPAC and has a good sense what the current concerns are and what people do and do not want.

Question 2:

Do you know what condition the water lines are in between Detroit and Ypsi? Who’s checking? What cities do the water lines pass through?

Johnson: “I don’t know.” Rod explained that he didn’t know the answers to the questions but was interested in the concern about the water supply.

Murdock: Served on the advisory board for YCUA and said there are 2 connections from Detroit and emphasized that the water quality has always been excellent.

Question 3

When (or will) the Amtrak stop in Ypsi?

Murdock: Doesn’t know when but pointed out it is a distinct possibility. Pete said it would be a great catalyst for development in Ypsilanti. He pointed out that there have been plans and studies and thinks its just a question of when.

Johnson: Don’t know, but when it does it will get Dennis Dalhman off his butt. It’s what everybody wants. Rod promotes the idea of public transportation and feels we need public transportation.

Question 4:
What would be your position with the Water Street project south of the property on Michigan, and its infrastructure problems and the lack of it? This question was taken as referring to Water Street

Johnson: We’ve got to get moving on it. The planning commission is working to update zoning. Rod wants to let developers tell us what they want. Rod also stated that it is time to publicize that the City is almost done with remediation and the resources that surround it. “There is no reason we can’t aggressively market & get a developer.”

Murdock: Explained that he agreed with most of what Rod said. Pete suggested the need to look at things differently. Pete wants to open up options to see what is out there. He suggested asking developers what they would do noting that we can always say, ‘no,’ to projects but we have to ‘open the door.’

Question 5:

How can we keep the city from another Water Street disaster?

Pete: We can elect people that would make different judgments and not speculate.

Johnson: Rod pointed out that the city learned from Water Street. When the group proposed Peninsular Place the city did its due diligence and got it going. He pointed out that you need to know what you did in the past and stay away from mistakes and go with what worked. He said the city will be cautious in the future.

Question 5:
What is going on with the Thompson block and the depot?

Johnson: In regards to the depot there isn’t much the city can do. Rod said he has written a letter to Dalhman that received no response. All the city can do is hold his feet to the fire to keep the building up until he decides to do something with it.
In regards to the Thompson block he said the Beal is ‘just about done’ and is looking for tenants. Rod is open to whatever Beal is looking to put in the space. Rod want to say, ‘Yes, to business in Ypsilanti.’

Murdock: Rod’s answer on the depot is correct. On the Thompson block Pete explained that it is a complicated situation with the building and that Stu needs commercial lease agreements before Beal can get a loan. Pete pointed out that it took the city sometime to get the work done to provide the new liquor licenses but they have the papers in order but Beal’s prospective tenant has not applied.

Question 6:

What are your plans of action for brining business into Ypsilanti and reducing the tax burden on the city from unused land?

Murdock: Water Street Water Street Water Street. Pete pointed out that other vacant land needs to be developed or restructured. Pete mentioned the Exemplar building on Lowel and Motor Wheel. Pete also brought up the downtown blueprint plan and the fact we need aggressive marketing downtown. Pete also pointed out that with high taxes attracting businesses is hard and that most projects will be tax abated because major projects need a push.

Johnson: Rod wants the city to be POSITIVE and aggressive, he wants businesses to know that we want them here and to change the perception as being a hard place to start a business. Rod wants to talk to our state and federal representatives he doesn’t think we as a city are getting our fair share from the state of the federal government especially with our consistent support for the Democrats as a community.

Question 7:
Regionalization has been said to be one of the solutions to Ypsilanti’s budge problems. Who do you see as potential partners with Ypsilanti and what will you do to foster those partnerships?

Johnson: Rod explained that everybody can be seen as a potential partner. He suggested that the City needs to prove ourselves as good faith partners. He talked about the bus contract and the fact that by us paying our money it says we are willing to partner with communities. Rod mentioned the Eastern Leaders group which is coming up for a vision for Eastern Washtenaw County and that having a third party like them involved in discussions will better facilitate talk with surrounding communities, ‘a third party helps with partners.’ Rod also explained that Downtown Ypsilanti is the gateway into Washtenaw Country from the East so it would be beneficial for the entire county to have a successful downtown.

Murdock: Pete explained that the logical partners are the geographic partners which are EMU and the township. Pete that that regionalization with the Township is not very likely so we need to seek partners who are available. He suggested that as more of the surrounding communities come into a need for better police protection they will be more willing to come to the table to support the regionalized police study. Pete mentioned that EMU needs to become more involved and not just on committees but in their planning and direction. He would like to see EMU make a planning commitment to come into the city instead of their current trend to move the campus North and away from the city. Pete talked about AATA and the potential of making it a fully regionalized bus service but there has been no structure set.

Question 8:
What have you done to improve the housing properties in the East Side?

Murdock: Pete answered the question literally but jokingly by stating that he keeps his house in good repair. Pete mentioned the community getting involved and taking care of foreclosed properties by mowing the lawns and shoveling the walks. Pete talked about the foreclosure crisis and how the city needs to come up with a strategy to reverse the negative impacts it has/will cause.

Rod: Rod talked about his involvement with COPAC where citizens meet with the Police to discuss crime and ordinance violations. He also mentioned the ‘city roundabout’ where a representative from each city department explains to COPAC members what they do and who needs to be called about specific issues. Rod pointed out the need for ordinance awareness and the need to be vigilant about ordinance enforcement to keep neighborhoods up.

Question 9:
The Housing Commission has failed to renew certificates of occupancy for the majority of their rental units. As a council member, how would you propose to help make the housing commission be successful in meeting its obligation to our residents?

Johnson: Rod pointed out that the housing head needs to come to meetings and make sure they meet all goals. Rod also pointed out that the city needs to enforce its own rules even on itself.

Murdock: Pete explained that the housing commission is a difficult organization because of the way it is set up. He pointed out that the city needs to make the housing commission live up to its obligations

Question 10:

Please state your position with respect to weather the fire department should expand its services to include transport to the hospitals thus allowing the city to collect funds from health insurance.

Murdock: Pete explained that he is not opposed to the idea but it is something that he would need to look into.

Johnson: Rod pointed out the he thinks the Ypsilanti Fire Chief Jon Ichesco was a wizard giving us protection with less and less personnel. Rod would talk with Jon and see if it makes dollars and cents. The project would have to pay for itself and it would have to be a fairly substantial amount to make it worth while.

Question 11:
How can you help to reduce cutbacks on vital services such as police, fire etc. without increasing taxes on the residents?

Johnson: Water Street Water Street Water Street. Rod suggested the need to court other businesses besides water street. He also suggested that he didn’t know if there was waste in city government but it would be important to find it. Rod even suggested thinking about an idea for an incentive program for employees that showed the city where they could save money.

Murdock: Water Street Water Street Water Street. Pete admitted that even Water Street wouldn’t solve all the problems but it is very important to get it going to stave off the debt. Pete talked about the need to try to generate revenue wherever possible and that we need to try to get regional cooperative efforts to save money.

Question 12
Given that Ypsilanti has the highest property taxes in the county, how would you address the need to attract new residents while compensating for the constraints & growing demands of the city budget?

Murdock: Pete pointed out that he didn’t know if that can be done. Pete explained the need to look into regionalization to reduce the tax burden. Pete also pointed out the value of living in the city.

Johnson: Rod pointed out that we don’t have the highest taxes we have the highest mileage rate. Rod suggested the city market its affordable housing and ‘don’t shout high mileage rate.’ Rod also suggested that we make sure our revenue streams are enhanced and that the city needs to keep on top of the budget. Most of all he suggested promoting the fact that we have affordable housing.

Question 13
If you were elected to office, how would you help get the freighthouse open? What would your vision be of the freighthouse once opened?

Johnson: Rod suggested that he would work with the ‘friends of the freighthouse’ and support them any way city council could. Rod suggested that the city needs to support groups like FOF with dialog and nurturing but said the city couldn’t support financially.

Murdock: Pete gave some background into his early experience with the freighthouse as a city council member when the city was trying the buy the frieghthouse from the railroad. Pete emphasized the need to get together with inspectors and insurance companies to allow at least a portion of the freighthouse to open. Pete wanted to get people re-connected with the building who might have become disconnected over time in hopes that this would get more people interested in opening the whole building.

Question 14:
Peninsular Place was a disaster in terms of shoddy workmanship, multiple code violations and involved with in the destruction of an important historical site. What would you do to avoid this in the future?

Murdock: Pete said that the Peninsular Place project had good and bad results. He pointed out that the project would probably not have continued had the city not offered tax breaks on the property so the city could stop projects by rejecting tax breaks. Pete pointed out that this was an example of the Northward migration of EMU that he had spoken earlier of and that it had a negative impact on off campus housing which was an unforeseen consequence.

Johnson: Rod pointed out that disaster is a strong word and many of the allegations against Peninsular Place are undocumented. Rod pointed out that as far as code violations and shoddy workmanship that the city has techniques to enforce the laws but needs the will to do it. If the city enforces its laws even handed than the word will get out and work will get done properly.

Question 15
Would a meeting of a quorum of city council at your home, where some of the members were in your house and the others were participating through the front door from the porch, be considered a violation of the open meetings act? If not, do you think it would be a violation of the city charter?

Johnson: Rod explained that it depended on the topic of conversation. Rod pointed out that if there were a discussion of city business it would be a violation.

Murdock: Pete said that, ‘Yes, it is a violation, unless it is a social gathering.’ Pete also pointed out that there is some question whether emails between council members violates the open meeting act.

Question 16
What are Three mistakes the city has made in the past two years?

1) Proposing the income tax. Pete pointed out the mistake was the misreading of the people and spending money on the vote when they should have known it wasn’t going to pass
2) Past decisions on Water Street
3) The failure to pursue regionalization of the AATA instead it was used as a political football

1) Putting the income tax on the ballot
2) Not addressing or keeping the public informed with the actions on Water Street even if nothing is going on
3) Letting Nothing go on at Water Street, there shouldn’t be a period without aggressive action.

Closing Remarks

Johnson: Rod emphasized the need to have a vision and to remain positive. He reminded people to always move forward and to always hope and ‘let’s do it together.’

Murdock: Pete called for more voices and more ideas on council. Pete suggested to address challenges and to get ideas and to move on the issues that council can agree on quickly and come back to the contested issues later.

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Vote on Tuesday August 5th

Posted by ppna on August 2, 2008

As a resident of ward 3 I’ve been watching the election race unfold and it still seems like a tight race. I was pretty disappointed in the ward 3 voters last week when the council forum was held. My guess was that there were probably 50 to 75 people that showed up to ask questions of the candidates. This is a big primary because either Pete Murdock or Rod Johnson will be moving on to face the independent candidates in the fall. Whoever is elected to the Ward 3 city council spot will have a big impact on the future success of the city. I hope the residents of Ward 3 take a serious look at the candidates and vote on the facts, experience, and issues and not vote for a candidate because someone knows someone who knows a candidate and they said he was a good guy.

The Ypsi Courier posted a brief overview of the candidates here.
If you head to Mark Maynard’s site you can see a bit of an online debate.
I will be posting the questions and answers to the Ward 3 forum from last week on this site soon.

Do your homework and vote.

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Vintage Triumphs Coming to Ypsilanti

Posted by ppna on August 2, 2008

If you see a lot of oil on the roads in Ypsilanti don’t worry its just the 2008 North American Triumph Challenge that will be in town August 4 to August 8, 2008.

Here is some information taken from their site.
Now in it’s 30th year, the Vintage Triumph Register National Convention is going back to it’s roots in more ways than one. The VTR National Convention started as a Weekend get together between what is now the Illinois Sport Owners Association and the Detroit Triumph Sportcar Club. This get together grew into what was then known as the North American Triumph Challenge. The North American Triumph Challenge now returns to Southeast Michigan after a 24 year hiatus.

Each year, the Vintage Triumph Register holds a National Convention in North America. The Vintage Triumph Register National will be held August 4-8, 2008. It is hosted by a Chapter or Zone of the Vintage Triumph Register, this year being hosted by the Detroit Triumph Sportscar Club. Although there are many activities at a National, the prime events are based around activities with Triumphs. This year’s event will sponsor an Autocross, TSD Rallye, Fun or Gimmick Rallye, Funkana and a Concours d’Elegance car show. Special events include a Triumph Spitfire rebuild in 48 hours and a keynote address by author/columnist B.S (Burt) Levy. The Event concludes with a reception, dinner, and an awards presentation. Average attendance of a Vintage Triumph Register National has ranged from 200 to 325 cars.

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