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Back from Vacation and Trying to catch up.

Posted by ppna on April 30, 2008

I left town for a week and I think I have a week of catching up to do. I just wanted to write to let you know that I haven’t forgotten about the blog and have some exciting posts coming soon. Keep tuning in for reports on:

Movement in the Thompson Block.

PPNA committee meeting coming up to discuss summer plans like kick-ball, the block party, parades, etc.

Bike Ypsi spring ride this weekend.

Why I’ll never rent from Thrifty Car Rental Again

Where do junk cars go

Let’s get some dirt.

And Much Much More


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Ypsilanti Kick Ball Challenge?

Posted by ppna on April 22, 2008

It seems to me that Kickball has come into fashion this year with people talking about teams and games all around me. With all the kickball excitement I think we should set a date and challenge the other neighborhood associations to a game or games. It could be the ‘Ypsilanti Kickball Challenge.’

Who wants to participate?

I also thought it would be fun to start a neighborhood ‘field day.’ When I was a kid at Adams elementary Field day was a highlight of the year. I don’t remember all of the games but I know there was the Shoe kick and the Three-leg race. I’m sure someone could fill us in on the rest of the activities.

Who wants to participate?


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Ypsilanti Company To Distribute ‘Wonder Machine’

Posted by ppna on April 22, 2008

I found this article and am happy RMS is helping people recognize Ypsilanti around the world.  I hope from now on everyone that thinks about incontinence will think about Ypsilanti.   “When you’re wet an soiled never fear there is always Ypsilanti’s Wonder Machine” I guess the slogan doesn’t work as well as Ypsilanti Underwear but I’m sure someone will make a catchy slogan.

Medical Breakthrough Reaches America

Care Clean 3000 the newly released medical wonder giving relief to incontinence patients worldwide

DETROIT, April 21 /PRNewswire/ — RMS, an Ypsilanti-based medical supply company, has entered into a new agreement with HANMEDICS, a Korea-based medical device company recognized for their “creative medical twists.” The agreement will allow America to get their first glimpse of the “wonder-machine,” acclaimed world-wide, known as the Care Clean 3000.

(Photo: http://www.newscom.com/cgi-bin/prnh/20080421/CLM036 )

The Care Clean 3000 is the only existing automatic urine collector with a bidet. It’s quickly becoming the only solution for patients suffering from incontinence. It cuts down on caregiver and diaper costs, eliminates offensive odors, and allows the patient to maintain a semblance of dignity all at an unbelievably low cost. This “wonder machine” collects urine, cleans the patient, and even dries the perinea area.

“When I first met with the HANMEDICS team and they showed me the Care Clean 3000, I could not believe that the product did not exist in the United State,” explains Ike Odum President of RMS. “The appliance not only provides a positive experience for the patient, it also increases the productivity of the healthcare workers. The Care Clean 3000 will reduce the need for diapers, thus lowering the monthly and yearly cost for short and long-term facilities, home healthcare workers, and many other care driven organizations. One thing is sure: Anyone who invests in the (green) Care Clean 3000 will have a marketing platform over their competitors.”

RMS has become the sole American distributor for the Care Clean 3000. The Care Clean 3000 is an example of how technology continues to improve healthcare.

Mr. Odum has had the Care Clean 3000 reviewed by several healthcare facilities in his area. “The feedback has been phenomenal!” Mr. Odum informs us. “And we have the testimonials to prove it! We look forward to working with HANMEDICS and doing our part in improving American healthcare.”

The product is created by HANMEDICS in Korea and has won Korea’s Best Venture Award, received high reviews at the KIMES International Medical Show and is ISO 9001:2000 Certified as well as being FDA approved.

About RMS: Regional Medical Supplies is a privately-owned and operated company dedicated to providing home medical equipment and services to the entire Mid Western Section of the United States. They offer a unique combination of old-fashioned values and state-of-the-art technology and ideas. Find out more at www.regionalmed.net. Phone: 734-528-1767

Website: http://www.regionalmed.net/

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Where do the Mythbusters Turn?

Posted by ppna on April 20, 2008

Mythbusters is a TV show that tries to prove well known myths and when they were unable to find a spare 747 in California to prove a myth they came to the place where anything is possible. If you are thinking that place is Ypsilanti you are correct. Honestly, I’m just assuming the episode was filmed at  the Willow Run Airport but I pretty sure I’m right. They needed to borrow a jet to see if the thrust would really blow away a car, literally, that was driving behind it as it throttled up. Kalitta which flys out of Willow Run allowed the use of one of their planes.

I saw the episode tonight “Supersized Myths” but I think the original air date was last fall.

If you want to see what happens watch the link below.  Mythbusters is filmed in English but this overdubbed version is all I found on YouTube

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Aubree’s Saloon in Depot Town 3.2 water towers and dropping

Posted by ppna on April 16, 2008

Aubree’s Saloon in Depot Town has remained consistent since it changed from the Alibi in the 80s and I’ve been a semi-regular since the early 90s. The Pizza is exceptional, the subs, sandwiches and wings are very good and the rest of the food is generally good.

Aubrees Depot Town has enough TVs to keep track of your favorite sporting events but it isn’t an overwhelming ‘sports’ bar it’s a good place to hang out with friends if they can handle smoke. As with any bar in Depot Town the service is always suspect and the turnover seems to be quite high. The wait staff are always pleasant and seem to be encouraged to sit with customers which is nice if you are the one they are sitting with and really crappy if you need something and they are involved chit-chatting.

My rating of 3.2 water towers (out of 5, 3 is a good grade) for Aubrees is a 4 for food quality — compared against average bar food menu, 2 for service, 3.5 for atmosphere, 2 because of smoke but that is part of life so I’m not holding it against them too much.

The Reason Aubrees is dropping fast is management and customer service. I will give you a few examples of where they failed my expectations.

  • On Monday I saw this advertisement
    Trivia Tournaments every Tuesday @ Aubrees
    Four Rounds featuring Gift Cards for each round winner and overall points winner wins “Cold Hard Cash” Special Bonus for players who participate in all four rounds. First Round Starts @ 7:30pm. Space is limited so arrive early.
    One Friend showed up at 6:50pm on Tuesday and they told him the event was canceled because of lack of people. I was in a meeting at Cafe Luwak and was across the street at Aubrees at 6:55pm with 3 other neighbors only to find out the event was canceled. There was no apology for bringing us out under false pretenses or any regret shown. It is in very poor taste to cancel an event because of lack of attendance — The show must go on.
  • Last Friday I had a similar experience at Sticks. Tree Fort is advertised as the $4.25 beer of the month and they had run out but instead of substituting another we ended up paying $5.75 for a beer. The crappy thing about it for me was that I was at the Corner Brewery. I was able to be talked out of the Corner at happy hour because I knew I could get the same beer at same/better price at Aubrees. When we asked the waitress about the pints of Michigan Beer for $2.50 she told us there was no such special which we later found out there was. Our waitress was seldom seen so it was hard for us to communicate our concerns with her so we just gave in.
  • A couple of months ago was yet another situation where we were told at 6:30pm that NTN happy hour deal (free drink when you win at trivia) was running from 3-6 and it being 6:30pm my winning didn’t count. The very next day I arrived at 3 to play trivia and was told my winning didn’t count because NTN trivia happy hour runs from 4-7pm. In every case there was no apology or concern for the patron it was a ‘that’s the way it is mentality.’

These customer service problems are only associated with Aubrees Depot Town. Aubree’s Tavern on Whittaker Road has Bob Roberts in charge and that place is run very smoothly. With the same menu Aubree’s Tavern scores at least 4 water towers and is only lacking because the atmosphere is a little to generic.

I certainly recommend Aubrees which is why I continue to go just don’t believe their advertising. With that being said here is their list of things that may or may not be happening on a weekly basis.

The Price is Right!
Every Monday 8pm @ Aubree’s we will be playing America’s favorite Game show! Win Gift Certificates and Prizes with great drink specials

80’s Night
Every Wednesday join us for your favorite decade music game with live DJ and prizes along with great drink specials

Rockband Tournament!
Stick’s is hosting the hottest new video game competition where you can be the star of the show. Get your band together because your first gig is Thursday at 9pm

March Madness
Join us for All the Games with BIG SCREENS, BIG BEERS & BRACKETS for the entire Tournament.

Trivia Tournaments every Tuesday @ Aubrees
Four Rounds featuring Gift Cards for each round winner and overall points winner wins “Cold Hard Cash” Special Bonus for players who participate in all four rounds. First Round Starts @ 7:30pm. Space is limited so arrive early.

Tuesday Motorcycle Gathering
Tuesday is Motorcycle night at Aubrees. No, these are hells angels they are Triumph, KTM, BMW, Ducati types and there are some fantastic bikes to look at parked on the street in front. They seem like a very friendly bunch so if you have a bike you should stop by and join them.

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What do you get when you Capture the Trash?

Posted by ppna on April 12, 2008

Trashiest Team Trophy

Today was the day when volunteers were asked to report to Riverside Park and ‘Capture the Trash’ and that is exactly what I did. I was disappointed by the lack of turnout from fellow PPNA residents. To start the day there were only 5 of us and 3 had to leave after the first hour leaving 2 PPNA trash collectors. Don’t worry we did more than our share and captured the prized ‘Trashiest Team’ trophy.

All in all the event was a great success but support from the community was weak. Surprisingly EMU picked up the slack. In fact, I will give all the credit to EMU. Around 50 students showed up compared to 10 or so community residents (Including my 5). The event got off to a disorganized start but I think those in charge did a great job keeping it together and learning as they went. Aubrees and Pub 13 were kind enough to provide Pizza, Pop and Salad for the participants and EMU donated the prizes and I think Everyone walked away with something. Erik, the new director, of the DTCDC was the only person who showed up from that group and its vast list of supporters. I would have hoped at least all of the principles from the DTCDC would be there to show support for the parks that they now control.

It should also be noted that EMU is forced to put on events like this to receive ‘Storm Water Runoff Credits’ which are intended to try to offset unintentional polluters via storm drains.

The Highlights of the day included:

  • The parks are noticeably cleaner. All groups combined picked up enough trash to fill the city of Ypsilanti’s flatbed driven by a city employee who volunteered his time.
  • “Team Family Values” which was a Mother, Father, and 10 year old daughter, Their main mission was to pick up condoms from the park which in total they picked up 17.
  • “Team Smoot”, my team, which picked up 20 bags of trash
  • “Team Cute Girls” — Not sure what there name was but they surprised me with sticking to the end and picking up trash.
  • Only one needle found and no crack baggies

By picking up trash you certainly can get a good idea of what goes on in the parks after dark.

  • The stairs in the middle of frog island is where most of the condoms, bras and panties were found so you know that is a hot hooker spot although our neighborhood police rep told us that they have since cleared prostitutes out of the Frog Island parking lot.
  • People that drink water are just as big litter bugs as the drunks
  • There are a lot of drunks that drink a wide variety of liquor especially in the wooded hill of riverside park.
  • A lot of sleds met their doom on the 4 hills this past winter.
  • Geese don’t like people picking up trash.
  • The people that plant by the freighthouse don’t clean up after themselves there were a lot of rotten plastic plant holders scattered about.  I think the Friends of the Freighthouse need to capture the trash around it.

Here are the things I thought could be improved on.

I think the DTCDC should have worked more. I think they should have come out as a large team and I don’t think they approached enough Depot Town businesses for prizes since only Aubrees donated from Depot Town and I would be shocked if Lynda French (of Sidetracks) or Jim (Cafe Luwak) would have turned them down.

There was no hand sanitizer or way to wash your hands or anywhere to go to the bathroom. I think next year they should have the bathrooms open (hopefully they function).

They need to divide teams into trash teams and recycle teams or at least have teams keep separate bags. This is something I thought of way to late to do myself (only team Cute Girls divided but I think it all ended up the same anyway). I would guess that 70% of total trash was made up of recyclable material which was heading to the dump not the recycle center. They could also use this opportunity to instruct people on what is recyclable.

I would like to thank everyone who showed up, sponsored, or planned the event.  I would like to ask that those who didn’t show up sign up for YpsiPride Day in May. The group in whole was able to substantially clean Frog Island and Riverside Parks and also worked to clean around the Freighthouse, all of the Depot Town parking lots, along the river even on the North side of the Forest Ave bridge and Motor Wheel Fence.

I plan to be back next year to defend our trophy so look out.

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Capture the Trash information letter

Posted by ppna on April 10, 2008

Hey all!

Are you getting pumped to Capture the Trash in Frog Island and Riverside Parks on Saturday, April 12? Here is the information you’ve been waiting for with ALL of the details.


* Registration will be from 11-12pm at Riverside Park in Ypsilanti.
* We’ll be assigning clean-up teams when you arrive.
* Participants are invited to enjoy lunch (pizza and salad) courtesy of Aubree’s Pizza and Pub 13 and interact with a rain barrel display from the EMU-City of Ypsilanti Stormwater Management Group.
* Clean-up will last from 12-3pm followed with a brief awards ceremony for our crazy categories.

**For those of you coming after 12, check in at the tent when you arrive!


* Meet by the circle drive off of Cross Street in Riverside Park.
* We’ll have a tent set up, so you won’t be able to miss it!
* You can park in Depot Town or by Frog Island Park and walk over.

The Essentials

* We will provide trash bags and gloves for all participants.
* Wear appropriate clothing. We’ll be awarded a prize for the most spirited team, so feel free to dress the part.
* We will be cleaning up rain or shine!
* Feel free to bring friends : )

Let us know if you need a ride or want to carpool, and we can arrange something. If any of this is unclear or if you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Thank you for volunteering this Saturday to clean-up the parks!


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Anyone interested in Presenting Ypsilanti History

Posted by ppna on April 10, 2008

I’m thinking about proposing a historical Ypsilanti Re-enactments at the 2008 Heritage Festival. I’ve long been frustrated that the Ypsilanti Heritage Festival has lacked Ypsilanti Heritage. I guess I should concentrate on getting the ball rolling and seeing where it goes.

We could re-enact the Horse-Trader and the Ladies of Negotiable Affection in depot town. Create the big East Side vs. West side conflict that divided the city. I’m sure there are hundreds of stories we could tell of events and influential people in the city and we could tell them on or around where they happened.

Let me know if you have any ideas.

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Grocery Store On Michigan Ave

Posted by ppna on April 8, 2008

I know there has been a lot of talk about putting a grocery store Downtown so I thought I’d remind everyone about Arlens Quality Discount Foods at 206 E. Michigan. I’m going to have to rush right down and take advantage of the 22 cent Cream Pies.

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Events for 2008 in Depot Town and the Parks

Posted by ppna on April 7, 2008

I’ve corrected some dates and added more events as of 4-10-2008

Here is a summary of the Events that are going to take place this summer in Depot Town and in The Parks. I’m not 100% sure that the dates are correct but I think most of them are or are close.

April Through June I9 Sports, is having Flag Football at Frog Island I think I9 is a For Profit company which will be using Frog Island. In the DTCDC report they suggest that they are going to ask I9 to help with maintenance I would hope they force them to pay rent or provide maintenance. If you have details please post a comment.

April 20th “Fuzzy Football” I don’t know what this is but it sure sounds fun
May 4th — Street Rod Show
May 24th — Ypsilanti Symphony Orchestra
May 26th — Memorial Day Processional
May 31st — Sober Fest Shouldn’t this be after the Summer Beer Fest?
June 1st — Orphan Car Show
June 5th – September 18th — Thursday Cruise Nights
June 7th and 8th — Volkswagen Festival
June 19-22 — Tucker Convention
June 21 and 22 — Ypsilanti Relay for Life
June 25th — WCC Jazz Band
June 26th — Ypsilanti Community Band
July 2nd — WCC Jazz Band
July 4 – Ypsilanti 4th of July Parade
July 5-6 — Camaro Fest
July 9th — WCC Jazz Band
July 11, 12th — Elvis Fest
July 16th — WCC Jazz Band
July 23rd — WCC Jazz Band
July 25th, 26th — Michigan Brewers Festival
August 6-8th — Triumph Car Show
August 15-16-17 — Heritage Festival
August 23rd — Fire Truck Muster
September 11th — Model T 100th Anniversary Tour
October 4th — Antique Truck Show
October 24th – Downtown Halloween Fall Festival

June 5th through September 18th Every Thursday Night are the Depot Town Cruise Nights.

June 6-September 12 Ypsilanti Crossroads Music Festival Every Friday starting at 7pm on the corner of Washington St and west Michigan Ave.

June 3 till September 30th — Tuesday Night Motorcycle Mania outside Aubree’s Saloon on Cross Street.

June 4th – July 9th — Frog Island Music Series Every Wednesday at 7pm WCC Jazz Band, Ypsilanti Community Band & Symphony and more.

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