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Ypsilanti’s Superbowl Connection

Posted by ppna on January 30, 2008

mikebass2covinsde.jpgIf you attended East Middle school and had Mrs. Bass as a teacher than you know about her son Mike.   Mrs. Bass would talk about Mike and show video of her son’s Touchdown in Superbowl VII against the Miami Dolphins (a play that is known as one of the strangest plays in Superbowl history). Mike Bass was an Ypsilanti native and a star athlete at Ypsilanti High School.  Mike went on to play college ball at the University of Michigan and was drafted by the Green Bay Packers where he made it to the last cut.   Coach Vince Lombardi encouraged him to continue with professional football so he went to the Detroit Lions and played on the teams taxi squad.   Of course the Lions are the Lions and they only activated Mike Bass for 2 games.  Coach Lombardi had moved to Washington and upon a request from Bass he brought Bass to Washington.  

Where, according to extremeskins.com (a 2005 article) I advise you to read the article its very good. During his career with the Redskins Bass intercepted 30 passes. That makes him fourth all time in interceptions in the team’s history. He gave up only five touchdown receptions. He led the National Football Conference in interceptions with eight in 1972 and was selected first team All-NFC in 1974. And, again, he is one of the 70 Greatest Redskins of all time.


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Did You see an Adams School Grad on NBC on Sunday?

Posted by ppna on January 30, 2008

If you watched the show, “Top 100 Guiness World Records Countdown,” which aired Sunday the 27th of January on NBC then you did.   The stunt coordinator for the grand finally stunt of a motorcycle being driving through the longest fire tube ever was a graduate of Adams School.  

 His name is Mark Chadwick and he has an impressive resume as both a stuntman and stunt coordinator.  Chances are if you have seen an action film,commercial or TV Show he was part of it. 

Watch a video of some of his work Here It’s entertaining stuff.

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The City Manager and Me

Posted by ppna on January 29, 2008

Here’s another article for you to read from the Ann Arbor News it’s about our City Manager Ed Koryzno.

I’m probably going to need a little help on this subject so chime in if you can correct me.

I was going to rewrite this with current information but decided to leave what I wrote and comment back.  What you see in bold are corrections.

The City Manager of Ypsilanti is reponsible for the running of the city, he takes direction and gives direction to the City Council. The city uses a 5 point rating system (or so it seems) with 3 being meets job requirements and 4 being exceeds requirements (so what is 5?). It is a 5 point system with 5 being far exceeds job requirements.  Ed Koryzno makes recommendations to city council, but city council can accept or reject them. City council has the ultimate responsibility for policy decisions like Water Street.

The Council seems to have broken down along ‘old lines’ and ‘new lines.’ Robb and Richardson giving lower scores Filipiak, Nickels, Gawlas and Schreiber giving high scores.

Mayor Paul Schreiber and council members Brian Filipiak, Bill Nickels and John Gawlas gave Koryzno his highest scores, ranging between 4 and 5. They praised Koryzno’s knowledge, leadership and ability to communicate with the council and make spending cuts over the years without dramatic reduction to core services.

If Koryzno is so great what is the problem? If you can give him a 5 we must give the mayor and council a -1 to average the cities below average performance since 1996. There are two glaring examples of bad decisions being made while Koryzno has been in office. The first of course is Water Street and the second is that city employees don’t stick around and they have been leaving the city in droves lately. According to Steve Pierce …..Bohlen is the 13th Department manager to leave the city of Ypsilanti in the last three and half years and the second to quit in the last two weeks ,” and this quote was before the recent departure of the city planner. It is true that the city has gone through a lot of department managers but both Councilman Robb and Mayor Schreiber commented that nobody left out of ill will — they just moved on.

Is there an exit interview of these employees conducted by the Mayor and/or City Council?  If there isn’t an exit interview we should start one, perhaps Ed doesn’t communicate as well as you think.  Once again correction noted that Mr. Koryzno does communicate very well.

Come on Mayor and Council you and the city manager are two separate units of government.  You are the the checks and balances we have in the city government and by not giving a fair review you aren’t helping anyone.   

Are the reviews open for pubic viewing?   I would love to see them. Reviews aren’t open for public viewing you have to to apply under the FOIA.

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Rumbling in the neighborhood

Posted by ppna on January 28, 2008

I received this from a ppna neighbor:

 “I don’t know how close to Prospect Road you are, but I was wondering if you’ve
noticed/heard anything about truck traffic up and down Prospect. It seems like
this winter there are tons more trucks, and much heavier trucks, than I ever
remember, to the extent that my house  shakes violently
several times a day. (I say this having become pretty acclimated and able to
ignore to the teeth-shaking bass on car stereos.) I’m pretty sure that I saw a
double-length trailer this afternoon.
I’m out of touch with the Neighborhood Association, but it seems like an issue
that they/we might want to discuss. I called Ypsi Public Works, who was pretty
uninterested (though, as I pointed out, they have to fill the craters these trucks are making) and told
me to call the police. The police said they had gotten three calls about trucks
today, but their impression was that it was about reckless trucks involved in
construction at Walgreeen’s.
Anyway, I’m not sure what a community could do, but this has certainly meant an
erosion in quality of life at my house, and probably for those in the
neighborhood as well, especially those on or close to Prospect or Forest.”

I really appreciate this type of comment.  My intention for this blog was to open a discussion forum for the residents of the PPNA.  I haven’t been effected by the trucks coming down the street but I’ll try to figure out what they are doing.  I certainly know how annoying those trucks can be because 2 years ago trucks rumbled down River Street hauling dirt and spewing dust from Water Street to Highland cemetery (Dirt not good enough to live on but good enough to be buried in).    

This is a tough issue because I don’t think it falls within the framework of any of our city services.  Trucks are permitted on Prospect and those trucks are inherently loud and with development comes noise.   What I would suggest, if you can, get the name of the construction company that owns the trucks (read it off the side) and ask them what they are doing and how long they are going to keep doing it.  If any of you do find out please comment.

This is also the type of thing I like to bring to the attention of our fabulous City Council member Brian Robb (brobb at cityofypsilanti dot com) 

Hopefully we’ll get some comments about what might be done.

Thank you for your question and I look forward to more in the future


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Washtenaw County Policing Authority

Posted by ppna on January 28, 2008

I’m sure many of you read the A2 news article on the Washtenaw County Policing Authority and like me, you probably had some questions.  The article said it would save millions but didn’t break down who would be saving the millions.   Don’t worry I’m here for you to get the answers and I’m happy there are people out there who have the answers to give.

Thanks to a fabulous source I have received the  Report on the Washtenaw County Policing Authority and below you will find the ‘Kurt Notes’ of the report.  As I always tell you — ‘Read the report for yourself ‘ I try to give an honest representation but sometimes I miss things or filter them incorrectly.Washtenaw County Police Authority Study


Ann Arbor Township

Augusta Township

Salem Township

Scio Township

Superior Township

York Township

City of Ypsilanti


Note: Lodi Township, Pittsfield Township, and Ypsilanti Township did not participate which leaves a gap between WCPA patrol areas to the South between the CIty of Ypsilanti and the townships of York and Augusta.

Townships have a population of 54,515 cover 494.5 miles of road with 24 officers and received 17,406 calls in 2006 at a cost of $3,510,000 or $201.65 per call

The city of Ypsilanti has a population of 21,746, covers 54 miles of road with 30 officers and received 19,921 calls in 2006 at a cost of $5,270,782 or $264.58 per call (Ypsilanti Police do more investigations than the hired Sherriff deputies in the townships).

The Report goes into great detail on how their modeling structure works and it certainly is an impressive model. The model suggests a need for 43 patrol officers and 15 other sworn officers (Chief =1, Captain=1, Lieutenant=3, Sergeant=6, Detective=3, Court Officer=1). The Police Authority would also need staff:( Property Control =1, Dispatcher=3, Records Clerk=3,Secretary=1)

In the Captial Budget section it reports “The City’s current assets have an approximate value of $4.1 million, including their police building. The police authority would purchase approximetely $1.7 million in assets from the City and purchase approximately $500,000 in new equipment for a total of $2.2 million). The PA would lease the Ypsilanti police building at $11/sq.ft or $143,000 a year.

The initial budget for the PA would be $7.2 million in expenses (82.4% wages and benefits) in 2008 and growing to $8.2million in 2012.

The Savings to all 7 communities combined would be $1.9million over current costs per year.

If each community was charged its share of the PA based on taxable value the city of Ypsilanti would save $4,836,212. The big loser would be Scio township because they would have to kick in an extra $1,728,365 with the other townships kicking in some too.

If each community was charged its share of the PA based on population the City of Ypsilanti would save $2,957,620 and once agains Scio would be the big loser.

If each community was charged its share of the PA based on Calls the City of Ypsilanti would save $1,248,801 dollars with Scio taking a modest hit of $174,668.

The Report continues with other cost splitting scenarios all work out great for Ypsilanti, OK or better for everyone except Scio township. The Report gives the savings if Scio, Augusta and Salem withdraw from the Association and in that scenario everyone makes out with the City of Ypsilanti saving $1,352,714 and if the City does not participate the townships don’t fare as well.

The Conclusion is that this will be a good arrangement for the municipalities. The City of Ypsilanti would save the most money and most townships would save some. The townships would benefit from having a more advanced police force that will provide more services than they are currently offered by the Washtenaw County Sheriff arrangement.

If you look at the report Read APPENDIX B — the property the PA would buy from the City, it’s nice to know what are police force has.


I will say that I was pretty impressed with this report.  I don’t know how much we paid for it but it looks like it will be worth it for the city.  A million dollars is a lot of money to save and it looks like our people would be rolled into jobs with the WCPA.  It appears that it will be a win/win for the city and most of the townships and a lose/win situation for some of the townships.   Sadly, we will have to sell our dog but I’m sure he’ll be plenty happy getting out of the city and chasing criminals in the country.

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Another New Blog

Posted by ppna on January 24, 2008

I know that the Ypsilanti Blogging community is getting a little hard to follow but I thought I’d add another to the list. The new Blog is Archive Drive By. Archive Drive by is a Blog which features music from The Live Music Archive a free and legal music resource. What makes this blog better than just going to the source is that Jeremy Baldwin picks, reviews, and gives context of the music. I guess if you don’t dig what Jeremy is putting down than it’s not for you but if you do it’s a great resource.

I’d also like to suggest that you tune into Jeremy Baldwin’s show The Roots Music Project on WEMU Saturdays from Noon until 2pm. It’s great local radio and Jeremy works hard to bring you up to date on artists coming to town and new releases as well as some classic Americana.

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December City Council Minute News

Posted by ppna on January 22, 2008

I’ll first suggest that everyone should attend city council meetings but if you can’t I’d suggest you read through the minutes of the meetings.   I know that Steve Pierce at YpsiNews had been recording and posting city council meetings on YouTube but that seems to have stopped. I imagine it was a ton of work and probably very few people tuned in but Steve needs to be thanked for his past efforts.

With all that said I’m going to make it easier with my summary of what I think are interesting points from the minutes of the 12-4-07 City Council meeting.

Get Ready folks we, the citizens of Ypsilanti, are getting one Heil RL 40/60 25 Cubic Yard Split Rear Load Body from Bell Equipment Company for the cost of $131,800 for the use of the DPW-Environmental Services Devision. I think this is a dump truck body but I’m not sure.

Water Street Update From City Manager Koryzno — Please Read Full entry for yourself Planning and Development staff have made contact with three developers regarding the Water Street property. He stated that the request for proposals would be posted next week and anticipates reponses will be submitted by the first week in January, which is the deadline. I wonder if they had any proposals?

I know at least one reader and 100 speeding UPS drivers will be happy to know that $395,000.00 was secured to reconstruct South Mansfield.

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Electricity to help police.

Posted by ppna on January 19, 2008

I told you before that the council was thinking about allowing the YPD to buy tasers and now the Ypsilanti Police Department received permission from the Ypsilanti City Council to buy 43 tasers.   The cost of the tasers is $45,000 but don’t worry the feds are kicking in $25,000. As a sign of encouragement the AnnArbor Police department used their tasers in a show of force.

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Thoughts on Official ‘Blueprint’ Downtown

Posted by ppna on January 17, 2008

According to the Ypsilanti Courier A blue print is in the works for Downtown Ypsilanti.  This Summer the Ypsilanti DDA received a $25,000 grant to help develop the blueprint or 5 year plan for downtown.  To receive this grant a %50 match must be made by the city.

 That makes the total $50,000 heading towards a plan for the future.   The city will hire HyettPalma, a planning firm, to help them create this plan.  HyettPalma will use information gathered from a random phone survey conducted by the DDA and suggestions from the Blue Print Process Committee.

My favorite part of the article is this — “The first meeting will take place on Monday and continue to meet regularly until the week of Feb. 25, when representatives from HyettPalma will visit Ypsilanti to firm up the plan and hold community forums to garner input from local residents.”

They expect the plan to be finished in March.  Contact Brian Vosburg, Ypsilanti’s DDA Director, at 734-482-1410 or by email brian@ypsilantidda.org

Now that you have the gist of whats going on let me make some points.   We are hiring a firm to help us with a plan but the firm isn’t going to visit the city until February 25th and they are to finish their report in March.  The links of ‘helped’ communities on HyettPalma’s website seems to suggest that they are in the business of helping resort-type communities.   I have strong suspicions that their knowledge of how to rejuvenate an economically depressed downtown.   We need our downtown to be a place that local citizens use.   There is a lot of competition for the tourist downtown and we can’t win that battle.   The DDA continually spends money on improvement projects such as bricking the sidewalks and dividing the road with cement planters (which is the type of thing HyettPalma tells cities to do).  

 We do not need a firm from Virginia to tell us what to do.   Follow the links on this page to the local blogs.  There are hundreds of people that are generally in agreement of what our city needs to develop the downtown.   The first thing we need is appropriate retail space for small business as was mentioned  on the often quoted Mark Maynard site.   We also need to get the property owners to clean up their crap, this included the city.   No matter how you enter the downtown district it looks like crap.  Arriving East and West on Michigan Ave you find abandoned properties (a lot on water-street), poorly maintained properties, and low-income vulture stores (Plasma Center, check cashing stores, $69.00 insurance places).   There is no way people driving by would even think of stopping or looking out the window to see what stores are available.   I’ve driven through a lot of towns and stopped because they looked interesting and none looked like Ypsilanti — See I just saved the taxpayers $50,000.

Here are my ideas for downtown:    

I have long thought that if I won the lottery I would set up a retail SPARKprogram to develop retail businesses for downtown.  Think about it, if we gave small independent retailers with good ideas a cheap or no-rent retail space, training, a single internet page,  legal, and counseling advice (I’m sure there are people that would volunteer) for a year then sent them down the street, In Ypsilanti,  to pay rent after they have figured things out.   The retail Spark would also give us the opportunity to develop a culture of stores for Downtown and develop a ‘scene’ different from other cities. 

What is my vision?  My vision is a downtown that plays on the liberal and green aspects of our population.   According to the Parks Report 67%of our population is between 15 and 44.   We don’t need antique shops we need to make Ypsilanti Hipsilanti (oh yeah that was tried by putting up signs).  Perhaps our Retail-Spark could bring back Henrietta Fahrenheit (a very cool clothing store), A record Store as cool as Rubber Sole, and more trendy stores to compliment The Rocket and the bike-shop.  We get cool stores and we have people with good ideas they just get killed by the plagues that kill most small businesses.   Start-ups (especially trendy start-up) need support to make it and if we can get some to succeed others will follow.   One cool store isn’t a destination but 10 cool stores are, no one cool store can survive on an island.

I would also suggest working on the ‘Green’ theme, have some stores that sell solar panels, wind turbines, rain barrels, hemp pants whatever have a re-use center that sells donated items to fund some of the activities.  All we need to do is make Ypsilanti the destination our citizens would want.  

I would also strongly suggest that the park plan, the Depot town plan, and the DDA plan all work together.  Imagine how great it would be if we continued the Friday music series but instead of it just being a stage with people playing it was an event with sidewalk sales, swap-meet, street performers, etc.   This can only happen if we link the types of businesses downtown with the music and the event.  Remember aged 15-45 is who we are.

 I’ve included this link to Hyette Palma’s own review of what they did for Manistee and since this is their own review I find it less than impressive.   10 years after their initial plan they were rehired to come up with an ecconomic plan?

Downtown Manistee, MI: Hyette Palma   in 1992 to help the city of Manistee revitalize their downtown. They state on their website that Manistee has made great improvements over the last 10 years and in 2002 they were rehired to update their plan. The plan they came up with in 1992 was to enhance the appearance of downtown and in 2002 they changed their focus and are now working on 1)Maintenance, to further improve Downtown’s curb appeal; Economic development, to further improve Downtown’s business mix via business retention and recruitment; and
3)Marketing, to attract larger numbers of both local residents and area visitors.

To sumerize — Save the money and work with the great volunteer brain power our city has to offer.  I don’t want to here that we only have to pay $25,000 either because the other $25,000 comes out of somebody’s pocket. 

Thanks for your time,

Kurt Anschuetz

*post updated since original — thanks to Steve Pierce for correcting my figures.

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Frog Island and Riverside Park

Posted by ppna on January 14, 2008

Today I came across the Riverside Park and Frog Island Development Plan and I thought I would introduce some points of interest. There is also the 2008-2012 Parks and Recreation Master Plan to review but I haven’t gotten to that yet.

The project’s budget over a 3 year period is $2,658,264 which includes programming/improvements/maintenance/operation ($261,088 x 3 years) and capital improvements ($1,875,000).

**** I really want to know what they plan on spending $261,088 per year on operations costs.

The Year round programming model:

(**** Is my reaction)


Fourth Friday Music Series (May-September) **** I’d really like to see this event take off. For the past few years the bands at the event are bands that you can catch on a regular basis at local bars around town. I do realize there are people and children that don’t attend bars and have never seen these groups but it would be nice to bring in some bands that are touring or make the event more exciting. Perhaps have a swap meet of musical items (instruments, equipment, records etc.) which would compliment the band or have a guitar-off for local teens to compete. Perhaps even add a “Guitar Hero” competition to attract people from all over.

Montreaux Jazz Festival (August) — The bringing back of the Frog Island Festival featuring Blues, Jazz and Rockabilly *** As a person that travels a lot to music festivals, this is a great idea. Each summer there are hundreds of music festivals and they seem to do well. The Great Lakes Folk Festival in East Lansing is a great small festival with fun for everyone. I know the parks want to make money with admission fees but keep them low and make money with community vendors. The best festivals I’ve attended have the boy-scouts using their buses and collecting tips to shuttle people from hotels for tips (you could run a shuttle from the Harmony House and the Marriott and KOA) and community groups providing all concessions. We don’t need to bring in people who will take the money outside the city. The Festival should be a community event where everyone benefits.  Local businesses who benefit from the festival should have a lot of pressure put on them to sponsor the festival.  Hotels, bars, restaurants etc should commit a portion of increased profits for the weekend to the festival.

Blue Mondays (September – October) — weekly event of local jazz and blues musicians. *** For some reason Ypsilanti is obsessed with Jazz and Blues. I know WEMU makes a go of it but if one of the goals is to get Eastern Students to the parks you need to find a common ground. If Therone draws 50 people at Frenchies why do you think he’d draw more at the park? (I love Therone at Frenchies but it’s not a big enough draw).

Canoe, Kayak and Bicycle Rentals (associated with targeted event dates) *** At the community planning meeting I believe the rental aspect was voted down by everyone. There is nowhere to go in a Canoe or Kayak from Riverside Park. If you head downstream you hit I-94 and if you venture upstream you run into the peninsular Dam add to that the fact that the river isn’t deep enough for Canoe or Kayak in front of Riverside Park. As for bike rental, people who like riding bikes will bike to the park on their own bike. Where would you think people would venture if they did rent a bike?

Fall into Fun (EMU homecoming weekend)– activities for the whole family **** I forsee this as another mess.  Keep in mind that the main event for homecoming is drinking and students won’t show up if that isn’t involved.  Also keep in mind that Homecoming is an EMU event and since EMU students never hang out in Ypsilanti they have no connection and upon return for the weekend would not have any interest in leaving campus.

Festival of Lights (December) — Lights in the park and a holiday tree lighting. **** I loved the festival of lights. It adds a great element to the parks in the winter. I heard that it is now economical because they can use LED lights that will stay in the trees year round and will not break like the old glass bulbs.

Year 2

Winter Fest added — last week in January — sledding hill and outdoor skating rink and concerts in frog Island amphitheater. Proposed EMU vs. UM teams in toboggan building and racing and a hockey tournament. *** If we could have an ice-rink at Frog Island with bands playing in the winter it would be wonderful. I would enjoy every minute of it. I don’t think it is possible to have an outdoor ice-rink in Southeastern Michigan anymore but if you can go for it. Getting UM people to come to Ypsi for anything would be impossible so give that up and getting EMU students to come is almost as impossible.

Heath Expose (Spring/Fall) added. *** I’m not sure what they would do with this. My guess is there would be one big tent with free health screenings and a few events planned probably a ‘bike to the park,’ or a walk-a-thon. It would cost a fortune and 40 people would attend.

Here is what I would do for the health expo.


  • Planting tips and techniques — hosted by growing hope there could be hands on training to get their plots in Frog Island ready for planting.
  • A bike-Ypsi scavenger hunt — link this to a charity collecting canned goods as proof of your stop
  • Self-guided and guided ‘Walk Ypsi” tours
  • A canoe race from Gallop park to Riverside Park (In Spring the water is high enough). — In conjunction with the A2 canoe rental (not our own).
  • A fresh and healthy community picnic in the park — Talk to Zingermans about this since they have ideas of placing a permanent healthy food source here.
  • Work really hard and get as many vendors to come for a large farmers market. — Talk to Eastern Market Vendors
  • A large dog walk with a temporary fenced in dog park in Frog Island or Riverside Park — To benefit the humane society.
  • Have a ‘Green’ music stage with solar or people powered electricity or just have acoustic folk music.
  • Hold competetive children competitions like the shoe kick, 3 legged race, potato sack race etc…
  • Do all the general Health Fair things, blood drive, check-ups etc. Maybe find some eye doctors or dentists to give quick exams.


  • Much the same as the Spring
  • Add Harvest cooking competition
  • Harvest competitions (largest pumpkin etc.) — Tie this into the spring growing education. Perhaps give everyone a few of the same types of seeds for various vegetables and find out who yields the best and what their secrets were.

The States “Pure Michigan” campaign 1)business development 2) environmental sustainability 3)water destinations 4)Pure Michigan destinations 5)one tank trips. The report suggests that the parks can build on strategic areas 3,4, and 5

***** I would think that environmental sustainability would be a large part of what is going to happen in our parks. We should build the parks with environmentally friendly structures. Use LED lights in the park powered by solar panels and a wind turbine (even if it doesn’t do a lot I think a turbine on the pavilions would be educational for park users. We could install waterless urinals in the mens bathrooms to be used during events. This would limit the maintenance and plumbing them. We would use rain gardens at the bottoms of the slopes and use environmentally friendly plants that don’t need maintenance in our environment. From what I can tell environmental sustainability should be the number 1 thing that we concern ourselves with our parks.

I would also suggest that a nice park system might drive business development. For the life of me I can’t figure out why the city doesn’t maintain Rivers-edge park on the Water Street project that is the corridor between Riverside Park and Waterworks park (If you didn’t know there is a pedestrian bridge over the river connecting the two) and open that land up to community use. Instead they fence us out of the most expensive property in the city. If a developer drove by and saw pedestrian traffic through the water-street area my guess is they would be more likely to develop.

The Huron river isn’t much of a water destination it’s a water backdrop, I guess you might encourage fishing but in the summer the river gets so low that there are only a few select spots to fish (and I’m not going to give away my spots).

I would agree that Ypsilanti could become a Pure Michigan Destination and a one day trip but we need to develop our historical context and downtown for this rather than our parks. I would suggest we re-focus the Heritage festival into a Heritage festival instead of a gambling benefit for churches, carnival food, and ‘made-in-china’ arts and crafts.

The plan goes on to talk about Health aspects of the park — a fitness course in the park and walk-a-thons. **** This was voted down in the community meeting as well. Nobody uses fitness courses they look great on paper but they just end up being things to mow around. Perhaps if the elements served a duel purpose of historical markers or art they might fit in.

Arts and Crafts Fair — along side another event. **** Isn’t the Heritage festival an arts and crafts fair? There is zero history involved (besides the museum being open) If you ask me you can leave that junk and perhaps do something else.

The Plan goes on with a lot of spread sheets about proposed budgeting and letters of support to the Depot Town Community Development Corporation from various politicians.

**** It seems like another fancy plan drawn up by people that are too old to know what the city wants or what will draw EMU students to the parks more often.

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