PPNA Happenings

Happenings, history and news of the Prospect Park Neighborhood and Ypsilanti


This Page is designed to let neighbors help neighbors — If you have a skill that you’d be willing to share let me know and I’ll put it in. Plumber, electrician, painter, or mechanic let your neighbors know. If you are great at making crafts that you’d like to sell to your neighbors let us know your neighbor might need a custom quilt or some other craft.

If you just want to volunteer your advice on something or are willing to help neighbors with gardens, raking, mowing, shoveling etc.<p>

Insert a comment and let your neighbors know what you do.

Neighbor Volunteers

Neighbor Business

Water Loss and Heat Loss Expert
Kurt A (kdasmoot at comcast dot. net)
Kurt works for Michigan IR which specializes in home inspection using the most advanced tools to discover water loss and air infiltration. If you need to find a leak let him know. The inspections are non-destructive and are usually very quick. PPNA members get a fantastic discount on the services of Michigan IR. Email Kurt (kdasmoot at Comcast dot. net).

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