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PPNA general note 2-27-09

Posted by ppna on February 27, 2009

Hello Neighbors,

There isn’t a whole lot of news to report but I figured I’d send along an announcement with a few things.

SNOW REMOVAL — The city handed out 348 charges for snow removal to homeowners that didn’t clear their snow last week. The typical charge for removal was $83.00. These tickets have caused a lot of hub-bub because people say they were not properly notified of their non-compliance. A hint for everyone, If it snows and your sidewalks are covered in snow and/or ice the next day then you have been notified by mother nature that you are in non-compliance. There is no reason snow should not be removed from your sidewalk it creates a dangerous environment and its just plain crappy. If you need assistance clearing your snow because you are sick, out of town, etc just let me know — that’s what neighbors are for.

Prospect Park Summit — 7pm March 4th at Adams School Community Room (enter through the parking lot). This is a meeting for anyone that has ideas about Prospect Park. There has been talk about getting neighborhoods more active in Park Maintenance so this is your chance to voice your opinion. I also think it is important that we, as a neighborhood, start using the park more effectively — Weekly kick ball, wiffle ball, or 4 square games for adults and kids. If you are interested in using the park more or have concerns or reasons you don’t use the park please come to the Summit and express your concerns.

PPNA Garden Meeting / Plant exchange etc. — Anyone interested contact me with ideas. I’m sure we could get some guest speakers to help with gardening questions.

Tap Room Opens Addition on Monday — The Tap Room located on the corner of Washington and Michigan will be opening its addition on Monday. The addition includes two more storefronts which allows live music to return. The layout is such that the music should not interfere if you just want to chat with friends.

Invest in Local Professional Baseball — If you are interested in supporting our own baseball team (to be called the Ypsilanti Liberators) there is an opportunity to become an investor in the organization. That is correct, for as little as $500.00 you stand to make money, support a cool thing in the city, not lose the money in the stock market, and have fun. I don’t have all the details but if you are interested let me know. I haven’t found out about lower level investing (like if the PPNA could be a ‘group’ investor) but if you are interested in forming an investment group for this I’ll find out the information. Another way you can help is by buying tickets for the Midwest Sliders who will be playing 1 year at the EMU baseball stadium this will show other investors Ypsi supports local professional baseball.

Great Lakes Shipwreck Festival – This looks like it might be a fun way to spend a little time on Saturday. It is being held at WCC so you might as well go. I don’t know anything more than the website tells us.

I think that is all I have for you,
Take care,
Kurt Anschuetz


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This is the national news Ypsi Needs

Posted by ppna on February 21, 2009

Read the story below and please answer a couple questions for me.

Does Kim Dunklin have a handicapped sticker?
If she does, how come she can beat the crap out of another person and not walk 50feet from her car?

updated 11:48 a.m. ET, Sat., Feb. 21, 2009

YPSILANTI, Mi – An Ypsilanti woman is charged with assault, accused by police of attacking another woman over a parking spot.

Kim Dunklin is charged with aggravated assault, illegal entry, resisting police, and assault and battery.

Police said Monday night Dunklin came home and found someone had parked in a handicapped spot that was only partially marked. Dunklin wanted to park there, so she confronted the neighbor.
Story continues below ↓advertisement | your ad here

Dunklin got upset and assaulted the woman, police said. The neighbor suffered several injuries.

Dunklin was arrested and the judge set a $10,000 bond.

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Free Stuff on My Birthday

Posted by ppna on February 20, 2009

This is the deal – I’m heading out on my birthday with a reporter in tow to try to hit as many birthday deals as I can. I know about the Arborwiki birthday list but I am looking for more.

The list has a lot of chain restaurants and Ann Arbor restaurants. I was wondering if there are more local things to hit up. Does the Bomber offer a birthday treat? Beezys? or anyone else?

If you have a suggestion let me know.

Thanks Ypsilanti.

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Come to Ypsi if you need the Worlds Largest Truck Wash

Posted by ppna on February 17, 2009

I like finding special ypsilanti companies like Interclean that built the World’s Largest Truck Wash in South Africa.

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And you thought you were getting lucky

Posted by ppna on February 13, 2009

Last evening during Citizen Police Academy I learned that if you are performing CPR for under 6 minutes you no longer have to do mouth to mouth.   They aren’t saying that mouth to mouth is bad they just know that the compressions which keep the blood flowing are more important.    The study that concluded this fact also hoped that if you remove mouth to mouth more people would be willing to jump in and perform CPR.    There are certain cases where mouth to mouth is required, those dealing with people who have not been breathing in a while etc.

The AHA ECC Committee acknowledges that all victims
of cardiac arrest will benefit from delivery of high-quality
chest compressions (compressions of adequate rate and depth
with minimal interruptions) but that some cardiac arrest
victims (eg, pediatric victims and victims of drowning,
trauma, airway obstruction, acute respiratory diseases, and
apnea [such as that associated with drug overdose]) may
benefit from additional interventions taught in a conventional
CPR course. Therefore, the Committee continues to encourage
the public to obtain training in CPR to learn the
psychomotor skills required to care for a wide range of
cardiovascular- and respiratory-related medical emergencies.”

I learned a lot of other interesting things from our fire fighters but CPR was the most important.

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What is That? Gallery of Fine Art is offering Classes

Posted by ppna on February 11, 2009

The super fine folks at the What is That? Gallery are going to be offering quite a few classes and other programs starting soon. Below you will find a list of the class offerings and the flyer talking about other programs including Girl Scout Badge Classes, Creative Birthday Parties, and Paint your own Ceramics.

As Always Support Local Businesses Anyway you can — even if it is just letting others know.


what is that flyer

Studio Classes

What is That Gallery 734-485-0113, whatisthatllc@att.net

Spring Session, 6 weeks

March 2-April 16

No classes April 6-11 for Spring Break

Youth Classes

Clay for Home School Students (6-12 years)

Mondays 10:30-11:45 am, Cost $102/session; Lab fee $15

This exciting course is designed for homeschooled children. Students will enjoy

learning new skills, and discovering techniques to hand build clay projects. Through

pinch pot and coil forms, as well as slab construction, children will be challenged and

delighted while using their creativity. All work will be created in the studio with

underglazes applied by the student. Lab fee covers all materials and firing.

Clay after School

Mondays (9-12 yrs) 4:30-5:45 pm, Cost $102/session; Lab fee $15

Thursdays (6-8 yrs) 4:30-5:45 pm, Cost $102/session; Lab fee $15

Students will work with their hands and imaginations to discover the magical

qualities of clay. They will explore texture, build skills, and bring home wonderful

creations. Pinch, coil, slab, applique and carving demonstrations will be followed

by studio time to create with all the techniques. This class focuses on hand building

& does not include work on the wheel. Students will discover unending possibilities

of creating with hand built clay. Lab fee covers all materials and firing

Youth Theatre Design (9-12 years)

Tuesdays 4:30-5:30 pm, Cost $102/session

This class will focus on the creative, visual arts of theatre. When people think of

theatre, so often they think of the spotlight and the actors. But behind the scenes are

strong creative forces and opportunities. We’ll explore the art of costume, scenic,

prop and makeup design (this does not include sewing). Students will also learn

fundamentals of drawing (persective, shading, composition) which is the foundation

for theatre and all other visual arts.

Creative Experiences for the Young (6-8 years)

Wednesdays 4:30-5:30 pm, Cost $102/session

This class is a high energy art class, designed to bring together many types of art.

The students are challenged and excited to experience creativity through books,

movement, pattern, group work and individual expression. Students will build a

deeper understanding of art and a greater appreciation of the creative self.

Together, we’ll produce works, confidence and fun!

Homeschool art (6-12 years)

Fridays 1030-11:30 am, Cost $102/session

Learn the fundamentals of drawing and painting in a fun, supportive class. This class

is a great way for homeschooling students to experience creativity and art history,

from a professional teaching artist. Students will also find social interaction as a

positive, creative thing. We will work on learning technique basics, study and be

inspired by art styles of the past and also focus on independently inspired projects.

Adventures in Color (6-8 years)

Saturdays 4:30-5:30 pm, Cost $102/session

Students will have fun experimenting with the spectrum of colors. They will create

their own paints and utilize ready made paints. The students with produce their

own works of art with the textures and colors they’ve discovered.

Smock and/or old clothes recommended.

Comic Art (9-12, Teen)

Fridays 4:15-545 pm, Cost $117/session

This class explores the creation, techniques, and subject matter to creating comics and

sequential art. The class includes discussion, in class critiques, studio time, and lessons

aimed at helping beginner students learn the basics of comics as well as add onto any

previous knowledge they may have concerning the medium. Graphic novels, Manga,

and the “comic book” will be covered through some history of comics. A list of

supplies will be available upon registration.

Teen/Adult Classes

Beginning Sewing (Teens/Adults)

Mondays 6:15-7:45 pm, Cost $117/session; Lab fee $15

Students will learn the basics of sewing while making creative projects. This

class will be fun and give the student valuable knowledge that can be used

throughout life. A list of supplies will be available upon registration.

Sewing machine required

Portfolio (Teens/Adults)

Tuesdays 6-8 pm, Cost $156/session

Students will be led through all the fundamentals they need for presenting

professional art work. We will work on printed images of works with appropriate

descritipions, DVD, Jpegs, proper matting and framing for shows, artist statements,

resume, and much more. A list of supplies will be available upon registration.

Watercolor (Adults)

Wednesdays 6-8 pm, Cost $156/session

Students will learn fundamentals of watercoloring painting. All experience levels

are welcome. Learn the basic concepts of value, color mixing, composition and

special tricks and qualities associated with this luminous medium.

A list of supplies will be available upon registration.

Acrylic Painting (Adult)

Thursdays 12-2 pm, Cost $156/session

Thursdays 6-8 pm, Cost $156/session

Students will develop their painting skills and increase their

knowledge and understanding of art. We will focus on finding your

own voice in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Learn color mixing, characteristics

of acrylic paint, care of brushes, and much more. Abstract, representational,

imaginative, figurative and still life will be presented.

A list of supplies will be available upon registration.

Ceramics (Teens/Adults)

Saturdays 3-5 pm, Cost $156/session, Lab fee: $30

Come explore the techniques of slab, coil, pinch, and wheel working. From

beginners to advanced, try your hand at everything from creating works of

art to surface design. Students have the oppurtunity to explore, and work will

be at an individual pace. Lab fee covers supplies, firing, and the opportunity to s

chedule 1 extra studio use. Details to be worked out with the instructor.

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$20.00 Goes a long way

Posted by ppna on February 6, 2009

Last night at the Citizens Police Academy there was a panel discussion on narcotics and prostitution in our fair city. The panel consisted of 4 panelists 2 males and 2 females all of whom had spent time on the streets of Ypsilanti.

The most shocking news to me was that they performed about 25 tricks each, every day of the year. The going rate of each trick is between $20 and $60.

So even on a slow day the money is astronomical. $20 X 20 a day X everyday of the year = $146,000. It was a really mind opening number and the math works according to police numbers and the girls own perceptions.

The other thing to note is that most if not all of that money went straight into a local drug dealers hands. The girls even said they had to supplement their prostitution income with stealing. It is an amazing and interesting world out there on Michigan Ave.

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Urban Farming Survey and Meeting

Posted by ppna on February 6, 2009

Since I have received this from 5 separate sources today I decided it was important.

Please share with friends & neighborhoods & blogs & others!!

Are you an urban farmer, or are you interested in urban farming? Come join us from 7-9 am on Monday, February 16th at Beezy’s Cafe for the second Ypsi Urban Farmers’ Breakfast to talk about the future of urban agriculture, community gardening, and CSAs in Ypsilanti. The first meeting was a resounding success with 20 bright-eyed attendees. For more information or to rsvp, contact Farmer Daniel at 734-786-8401, or email dan@growinghope.net

Based on the vision and ideas generated at the first meeting, we created an Ypsi Urban Farmer Survey, and hope that you will take it! It’ll take about 20 minutes. If the link doesn’t work, try cutting & pasting directly: http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?key=pj-dQ-ivCZlNiW7kqHECXYA

The City of Ypsilanti currently does not allow the keeping of chickens, goats, bees, or other “farm”-type animals. A minor change in the city ordinance involving agriculture is on City Council meeting agenda on February 17th, 2009. That meeting will include a public hearing (the first of two) on that ordinance change. While the proposed change does not (explicitly) allow for the keeping of these animals, it gives an opportunity for community feedback about urban agriculture and specifically the allowance of chickens. This brief survey aims to gather community input on potential ways the ordinance could be changed in the future, as well as identify potential supporters of urban agriculture. The cumulative results will be shared with City Council and in the community by Growing Hope.

Whether you’re an Ypsi resident or not, take the Ypsi Chicken Survey and let us know your opinions! You can cut & paste to get directly to it http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?key=pj-dQ-ivCZlO0jFXNU0hISQ.

We’re also looking for local folks to help us start seeds for the season (we’ll give you the set up & seeds, and enough space for you to grow for yourself, too)…. and trying to identify volunteers to act as garden mentors to new gardeners. Interested? Drop a line and we’ll share more!

If you’d like to join Growing Hope’s email list to get updates like this every few weeks, head to our website at http://www.growinghope.net, scroll down, enter your email address, and join!

Amanda Maria Edmonds
Executive Director, Growing Hope

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