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Party For Plants Feb 25th

Posted by ppna on February 9, 2010

It may still be winter in Michigan, but many of us are already making plans for summer fun! Join us on Thursday, February 25th at Frenchie’s from 8-11PM as we wile away the winter hours with some great music, food, drinks and friends all to benefit what is fast becoming one of Ypsilanti’s very own Rites of Spring: The Luna Lake Hoedown! This year’s event will feature live performances by local bands, including Black Jake and the Carnies and Hullabaloo, as well as YMCA sponsored activities for kids of all ages, native plants educational programs and a community potluck and BBQ. With 20% of your food and beverage purchases benefiting the Luna Lake Fund, the Frenchie’s Fundraiser will help ensure that this year’s Hoedown is a huge success and that Luna Lake continues to blossom and grow as a neighborhood gem. Can’t make it to the Fundraiser? That’s OK! Just drop by Sidetrack or Frenchie’s anytime on the 25th, and present the attached coupon to donate 20% of your purchase to Luna Lake. Feel free to print or copy as many coupons as you like, pass them around to friends and spread the word. The more, the merrier!

Please see the attached flier for more details. Thank you for your continued support of the Luna Lake Native Plants Garden! We look forward to seeing you on the 25th!


Rachel E. Blistein
Project Coordinator


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Asian Carp meeting Feb 17th

Posted by ppna on February 9, 2010

(Media-Newswire.com) – CHICAGO ( Feb. 8, 2010 ) – The International Joint Commission, in cooperation with the participating agencies listed below, is hosting a public meeting in Ypsilanti, Mich., on Feb. 17 to discuss plans and get recommendations on Asian carp control efforts. This will be the second public meeting in the Great Lakes region.

Who: Senior representatives from

International Joint Commission;
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency;
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service;
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers;
U.S. Coast Guard;
Great Lakes states, provinces, municipalities and tribes ( invited );
White House Council on Environmental Quality; and
Scientific experts

When: 3:00 – 6:00 p.m., Wednesday, Feb. 17

Where: Marriott Ann Arbor Ypsilanti at Eagle Crest
1275 S. Huron
Ypsilanti, MI 48197

The meeting also will be available via live web stream at: http://epa.gov/greatlakes/live
Those who cannot attend the meeting in person can submit questions on the Web site.

When available, the framework and a transcript of the meeting will be posted on http://www.asiancarp.org/regionalcoordination
Comments on the framework may also be submitted online at the above Web site.

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Incentives to Buying a Home in Ypsilanti

Posted by ppna on June 17, 2009

UPDATE: Here is the PDF of the New Flier

Are you looking to buy a house?

Consider buying a home in Ypsi? There’s lots of help available!
• Up to $15,000 in down payment assistance
• Up to $22,000 in grants for rehabilitating foreclosed homes
• Help with credit repair

Keep in mine these requirements:
• These incentives are available for owner-occupied homes only
• Applicants must meet income requirements which vary based on household size
• Purchase price cannot exceed $160,000
• Other restrictions and guidelines may apply

Where to Start? Free homebuyer education classes!

The free homebuyer education and pre-purchase counseling will provide all the information you need to purchase a home, and make it work for you. Attending the homebuyer educational session (6 hours in either two sessions or a single session) as well as the pre-purchase counseling will help you unlock some of the downtown payment and/or rehabilitation funds available. These funds can include the Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP), Community Development Block Grandt (CDBG) and HOME funds. So sign up for a session today!

Call 734-997-1678 or go online to read the registration packets at:

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Why is the Miss Ypsilanti Pageant in Belleville?

Posted by ppna on June 14, 2009

The Ann Arbor news had an article on the new Miss Ypsilanti Pageant which is to take place in Belleville.

I had heard that Downtown was working on getting this Pageant for part of the new Downtown Festivities which are going to happen during the Heritage Festival. I found out that wasn’t going to happen but how can someone have a Miss Ypsilanti Pageant in Belleville? Isn’t anything sacred anymore?

I think we should have our own Ypsilanti Pageant still. Who cares if it has anything to do with professional pageantry. We could have categories like; community involvement, quirky talent, ability to get along well with others, using Ypsitucky in a sentence etc. Maybe we should forget the Miss too and open it up to anyone who wants to participate. What should we call it? I’m putting this on the agenda of YpsiCAN, it will the first thing the organization can support.


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Luna Lake HoeDown summary

Posted by ppna on June 14, 2009

Yesterday, About 35 neighbors came together to work at Prospect Park to do the spring maintenance at Luna Lake. Luna Lake was once a beautiful garden and pond but deteriorated into a mucky water retention pond in the Spring and dried mess in the Summer. Last year the community pulled together to change the pond area into a rain garden.

The idea for the 1st Annual Luna Lake HoeDown was to get the neighborhoods together for a work day and then have a community event to follow. We started the organization only 2 weeks prior to the event but what we accomplished was fantastic. I think the concept will work perfectly in the future. Hopefully, each year we will draw more people and spread the work into other areas of the park.

Many of the people that showed up had other commitments during the day but took the hour or two they had to work. I believe there were about 10 people who worked almost the full day which started at 9am and ended at 6:30pm.

At one point we had a local boxer, who had been doing a work out in the park before being drafted to move compost, shoveling alongside a woman dressing in a full Cat-In-The-Hat outfit, while a 10 year old community member entertained us with his fiddle playing (This is why I love Ypsilanti).

We had volunteers from all 4 surrounding neighborhood associations, volunteers from 2 EMU student organizations, and we got our business support from Linda French and Sidetrack which saved the day by feeding the troops with Black Bean Burgers and Hamburgers. We had a neighbor drop by just to bring cookies and other folks looked in with interest. Our city council representatives, Robb and Murdock, both worked really hard to help this project come together.

I’m happy to say that what we accomplished on a small scale, getting every segment of the Ypsilanti community to come together, is an example of what the city can accomplish on a larger scale.

In true Ypsilanti fashion, we did ruffle the feathers of some that thought the concept and the project shouldn’t be done. While we were working our butts off these folks were boycotting the workday but I suspect many would not have helped anyway.

Next time you are out and about on the East Side check out the progress we are making in Prospect Park.

The next project is to mulch the playground area.

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Sliders post-weekend Update

Posted by ppna on June 1, 2009

This was a great weekend of professional baseball here in Ypsilanti. I attended all 3 of the Sliders games against Windy City. The Sliders won the first game but lost the next two. Pitching finally showed up for both teams on Sunday and it was a very good game. The Sliders had one bad inning against the monsters from the windy city. All in all on Sunday they had a very good showing.

There were still very few fans showing up. I believe there were around 170 on Friday and Sunday and only about 125 showed up for Saturday’s game. WHERE ARE YOU PEOPLE?

I strongly recommend going to the games since they are a good time. The next game is Tuesday evening at 7:05pm.

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Capture the Trash Update

Posted by ppna on April 20, 2009

Saturday was a great day at Riverside Park. Amongst the dozens of people playing games and taking in the sunshine were about 40 volunteers who came to pick up the trash. The event started at 11:30am with a brief orientation and chit-chat. The group broke away into their self-designated teams and hit the hills from noon until 2pm. The hills of Riverside Park and Frog Island were full of eager trash-pickers and if you go down there you will certainly notice the difference. I don’t have the numbers from this years pick up but there was an awful lot of trash and recyclables removed from the park.

The interesting thing about the trash collection is that you can tell exactly what goes on in each area of the park. The surprising thing is that the ‘healthy’ people and the drug addicts are equally guilty when it comes to throwing trash.

Sadly, my team did not win this year although we had quite a few neighbors from the PPNA show up to lend support. We did collect the most bags of trash but they gave the win to another team that had the most weight of trash. We did win for our trash art which was entitled ‘Graduation Day.’

As a final point I’d like to thank all of the folks that put this event together including Aubrees which worked with the DTCDC and provided free pizza. I also want to thank all of the folks that showed up to pick up trash. Finally I want to ask, where were you? In a town our size with a large student population 40 folks is a pretty crappy turn out. Lets get some of that community spirit and help make the community a better place.

FYI- If we use drug paraphernalia and condoms as a guide, the drug addicts and prostitutes seem to hang out in the Frog Island parking lot especially behind the Recycle center, the dumpster coral, and behind the utility shed in Frog Island. The drinkers aren’t particular, all areas of the park are littered with liquor, wine, and beer bottles. It does seem, by the number of tiny liquor bottles, that many of the people that park on the gravel portion of the Frog Island lot are drinking at their lunch hours since they don’t have time for a 1/2 pint. Along the soccer field there were a lot of plastic water and sport drink bottles (need receptacle for recyclables since the trash can was full of plastic bottles).

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Things to Watch for at Dreamland

Posted by ppna on April 16, 2009

There are a couple of events coming up this week at the Dreamland Theater that you really should attend. On Tuesday April 21st there is a showing of the “HOBO FILM FESTIVAL” this appears to be a documentary about a Hobo. I’ve known a few Hobos in my day and they are really interesting people. The Dreamland website has no time for the show so I guess you’ll have to stop by or guess.

Dreamland is also hosting day two of the ‘Totally Awesome Fest’ on April 26th. There is no schedule of artists posted for this event but Lord of the Yum Yum will be performing. If you haven’t seen the Lord, YOU MUST.

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Growing Hope providing FREE gardens for Low income Residents

Posted by ppna on April 16, 2009

That Growing Hope keeps doing good things


Been meaning to start that vegetable garden? Ready to take the plunge?

Happy spring!! I’m excited to let you all know that Growing Hope just received a grant that will allow us to install raised bed gardens (three four-by-four foot beds) in the yard of forty low or no-income households this spring!!! We’ll help build (though we like the families to participate as they’re physically able), provide the compost, seeds/plants, and offer to connect them to a garden mentor. In exchange, the families agree to do some surveying (about nutrition & other impacts of participating), and track and turn in data (poundage, etc) about what’s come out! That way, we build our knowledge of what really is possible to grow in small urban spaces, and they benefit from gardening for fresh food. Every time they turn in their tracking data, they’ll also get $10 market dollars– tokens to be redeemed to buy fresh food at our Downtown Ypsi Farmers’ Market. A win-win for the market and the families.

We’re open to families who both rent and own (renters just have to get sign-off from their landlords)– we’re basing the model off an organization in Washington state who’s been doing this for years– so we’re borrowing tools and surveys they’ve made, and learned from their best practices. We can also accommodate building the raised beds on existing ground or atop a patio or concrete.

I’m attaching the flyer, which includes the application (we print it two-sided). Please pass on to your friends and neighbors! We’re hoping some of them will think it’s a great opportunity to get growing.


Amanda Maria Edmonds
Executive Director, Growing Hope

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YMCA Day Camps at Rec and Prospect Parks

Posted by ppna on April 11, 2009

Here is the PDF of the brochure for the YMCA day camps to be held at Rec Park and Prospect Park. Registration begins Monday.


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