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Summary of Local Websites

Posted by ppna on April 2, 2009

As part of the MainStreet program the Promotions committee has been thinking about making one website with a fantastic up-to-date calendar of events, businesses, and organizations. The following is my summary of a lot of the local websites and the portions I think are really worth linking to or taking inspiration from.

Downtown Association of Ypsilanti
There is a lot of good information on the DAY website which pertains to Downtown Ypsilanti and could be built on. The event section is nice but not complete.

Frontpage/About – mission statement and joining
Member Directory – Brief description of downtown business, contacts and links to websites
Downtown Ypsilanti – Short description of Ypsilanti history – small note about free parking Could use a better history
Special Events — A nice selection of events happening around Downtown but it is missing some – Needs separate pages for each even
Contact Info – A Form to contact, email address, and PO Box – No phone Number
Meeting Dates – List of Meeting dates

Ypsilanti Jaycees
This is a site about the Jaycees. If you are a member or want to be a member it is really good for information but not a site for Ypsilanti related items.

Home — List of current events and brief statement about the Jaycees
About Us – Same as Home Page
Member Benefits – Benefits of being a Jaycee
Calendar — Nice calendar with links. Calendar for Jaycee events not city events
Photos — Photos of Jaycee events
Videos – Videos of Jaycee events

Ypsilanti Area Visitor and Convention Bureau
The VCB site has a lot of good information about the city intermixed with items about what the VCB can do to help. The About Ypsilanti section is really nice.

Home Page — A brief history of Ypsilanti with a lot of links including rotating image links.
Request a Guide – 2 linkd
• Order a Meeting Planner – simple form for a meeting planner
• Meeting Services – list of what the VCB will do
About Ypsilanti
• Historical Facts – links to people, culture etc. A very nice summary
• Community Profile — Almanac Statistics
• Walking Tour – A list of quite a few different walking tours
• Request a Visitors Guide – Simple form
• Ypsilanti Parks and Recreation – Sends you to the Township Rec. site
Events Planner – Links to a lot of things the VCB will do to help A lot of non-Ypsilanti Links should update to emphasize Ypsilanti Businesses (First in Orders etc).
Contact Us — Nice contact page with pictures of staff
Links – Lots of Local links. Once again lots of Ann Arbor Groups

City of Ypsilanti
The city of Ypsilanti site is designed as an administrative resource site. The Videos and the link to the City List could be used.

Front Page: Links to
• Ypsilanti Action Center – place to report problems
• Tax and assessing – Property Information
• City Listserv – for email updates on city
• Ypsilanti Tour Book – videos about Ypsilanti
• News – current news

About – city hall contact information
Boards and Commissions – Links to the various boards and commissions
Mayor and City Council – email addresses and council information
City Departments – Links to the city departments
Maps – Voting, zoning, and other maps
Links – Links to government organizations

Ypsilanti DDA
The DDA’s website is mostly administrative DDA issues. The News Section is really nice and should be integrated.

Home – info on Mainstreet, WaterStreet, Façade grants
About – Info on Downtown and Depot-town DDA, bylaws, budget etc
Contact – Contact information
Available Properties – A nice list of available properties
News – A nicely updated News Section
Links – Links
Event Calendar – Calendar of classes, not events

Depot Town Association
This is a really nice website with a lot of good aspects. I like the way they list the businesses. This site shows that professional photos are really important. I think taking the Depot Town Rag and List of events would be good.

Front Page – short info about Depot Town Association

Depot Town CDC – Has the Riverside Park and Frog Island Development Program
Local Links – Links
Depot Town Rag – Archived Editions of the Depot Town Rag
History – A very short history of Depot Town
Directions – Directions
Depot Town Rag- Email Subscription

Merchants & Friends – A very nicely done list of Merchants with contact info and pictures. May want to add a little more information about the shops
Events/Festivals – A nice list of events in the parks and Depot Town
Membership – Info on joining the DTA
Contacts – Contact info
Attractions – A really nice list of some of the local attractions, Looks good
Photos – Only a few but nice photos of the area
Home – Back Home

Depot Town Forward
This website is devoted to the Car Shows and Cruise nights in Depot Town. It is a nice site to promote the car culture in Ypsilanti. Perhaps we should expand the idea of this site and make an entirely local Auto Trail and perhaps a one price pass to all the museums.

Huron Valley Community Network (HVCN)
This is a website with a lot of links and a pretty good calendar but it encompasses the entire Huron Valley. There are contacts to local media, clubs, just about everything. It is a great site to use as a resource.

Concentrate – Ypsilanti
This is a metro area blog with some really good articles on Ypsilanti. We should check this site often to find articles that we may be missing.

Local Blogs
Local blogs often provide information that we may not be able to pick up in other places. They also give a good idea of the trends of local politics. I would hope the local bloggers would submit pertinent items

PPNA Happenings – ppna.wordpress.com
Mark Maynard – http://www.markmaynard.com
Trusty Getto – http://www.trustygetto.com
East Cross – http://www.east-cross.com

Neighborhood Association Sites and Listservs
Often neighborhood associations have things going on that are worthy of the entire city knowing. It would be expected that they would send updates.

Local Online News Sources
It would be nice to connect with some of the local news sources for stories and information.


Local Universities and Schools
Most of the local universities and schools don’t provide a lot of event on their web sites. It will be important to get in touch with individual groups or student organizations that put on events which the entire community would like to participate in. We should send a release to clubs and organizations to YPS, EMU, WCC.

Local Groups
We need to let local groups know that they will be invited to submit items to our calendar. These groups would include; Growing Hope, The Jaycees, The RAC, Boy Scouts, and many others. Once again a release to these groups as well as a page asking for submissions would be great.


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