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The Midwest Sliders Home Opener 2009

Posted by ppna on May 30, 2009

It would seem that nobody knew about Midwest Sliders first game since not many people showed up. In a league where other teams are drawing 3000-5000 fans the Sliders drew 187 people.

I know there is no history and they are only here for one year but this was the home opener. The baseball quality was good and they seem like they are a team that will be fun to follow. The Sliders are in first place and they score a lot of runs.

I personally will be very happy using the tickets from my Flex Pack (12 games for $72.00) and I plan on being an avid Sliders fan but that seems to be me and about 100 other people.

My personal opinion is that the Sliders are just too expensive and they fail to realize it. You get a great seat at the Sliders for $8.00 which is the same price as Toledo and $3.00 more than the cheapest Tigers ticket. The big difference is that at both Toledo and Comerica you are walking into an event at the Sliders you are walking into a baseball game. When you add $2.50 each for a hot dog and pop you are looking at a pretty expensive day for a family of 4.

2X8.00 for adult tickets
2 x 7.00 for kid tickets
4 pops at 2.50
4 hot dogs at 2.50

That is $50.00 for a couple of hours of entertainment in an economy where $50.00 means a lot to many families.

Perhaps the Sliders need to show the people of Ypsilanti that they are different than EMU Eagles baseball which many of the folks around here have ignored for years.

I strongly encourage all that can to come out to a Sliders baseball game. The organization, the coaches and most of all the players deserve a little support.


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