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Interactive Ypsilanti Map by A. Ruger

Posted by ppna on March 4, 2008

If you don’t know, the Library of Congress has the Ruger map of Ypsilanti Posted in super High Resolution so you can zoom in and move around.

Houses in Ypsilanti were moved around a lot. It must have been quite a task but obviously not as much as building a new one. The information of the moves I pointed out was passed down through some Ypsilanti old-timers to my Mother 30+ years ago and then she pointed out that information to me.



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1868 Map

Posted by ppna on December 18, 2007

A lot of us have seen the static map of Ypsilanti from 1868. The Library of Congress took that map and scanned it in high resolution and made it so it can be navigated. Here is the link to that map — Map of Ypsilanti 1868

If you look at the map you’ll notice that in the upper-right corner of the map is the Peck orchard which is now the Prospect Park Neighborhood. The only substantial building on the lot North of Forest Ave was Fred Swaine’s Malt House (Link to Historical Society story) The Swaine house now located on Forest and River was not built nor was the Hutchinson Mansion on the opposite corner of Forest and River.

Peck Property 1868

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