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Posted by ppna on June 26, 2009

Since the Fourth of July falls on a Saturday this year, there will be no curbside service delays. However, the Ypsilanti Recycling Drop-off Center located in Historic Depot Town will be closed Friday, July 3, 2009 and Saturday, July 4, 2009 in observance of the holiday. City Hall and the Department of Public Services will be closed on Friday, July 3, 2009.

It looks like it will be a great night for the Crossroads Festival Downtown. Come Downtown and see some live music and visit the local retailers. I’m certain many of you haven’t been Downtown in a while and I strongly encourage going.
The bands are Just Jill and Mylo Fix both accousticly rocky.

If you want a little more upscale but definelty affordable meal:
J-Neils Mongolian BBQ is a fabulous meal .. All you can eat local meat and produce* (there is seafood too but that isn’t local) stir fried with any sauce you want for $13.00. *when available. The Keystone Bar downstairs from J-Neils is fantastically nice too. Its pricier than the other local watering holes but it is a classier.

Beezy’s is a great choice if you want Fresh, Local, quality sandwhiches and soup.

Take a look around the ‘What is That’ gallery where they have really nice artwork.

If you are the family type:
The Event is very family friendly… Take the kids by the Rocket and let them pick out nickle candy or some crazy inexpensive toy. You can get burgers at Biggies for $1.00, Coney Dogs at the Wolverine for $1.00

If you want a beer and you are one of the cheap folks like me, You can visit the Tap Room — where you can watch the music from their patio. I think Friday is still $2.25 Pints of Bells, or you can sit on the Pub-13 Patio with $2.00 16oz Miller lites (I think I am correct).

I hope to see you at the Crossroads Festival


Remember, Relay for Life is this Saturday at Riverside Park


We are still looking for ideas for the Block Party


We are looking for ideas on what to do for the Heritage Festival Parade

Take care,


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