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Why is the Miss Ypsilanti Pageant in Belleville?

Posted by ppna on June 14, 2009

The Ann Arbor news had an article on the new Miss Ypsilanti Pageant which is to take place in Belleville.

I had heard that Downtown was working on getting this Pageant for part of the new Downtown Festivities which are going to happen during the Heritage Festival. I found out that wasn’t going to happen but how can someone have a Miss Ypsilanti Pageant in Belleville? Isn’t anything sacred anymore?

I think we should have our own Ypsilanti Pageant still. Who cares if it has anything to do with professional pageantry. We could have categories like; community involvement, quirky talent, ability to get along well with others, using Ypsitucky in a sentence etc. Maybe we should forget the Miss too and open it up to anyone who wants to participate. What should we call it? I’m putting this on the agenda of YpsiCAN, it will the first thing the organization can support.



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