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Neighborhood Email, Friday May 8 2009

Posted by ppna on May 8, 2009

Hello Neighbors,

After a couple of weeks of not having much to talk about there are a bunch of things going on this week.

SUNDAY — Pick up trash in Prospect Park from 6-8pm. The four neighborhoods surrounding Prospect Park have started a clean-up effort. The PPNA’s official pick-up day is the 2nd Sunday of each month (this Sunday) bring your own trash bags and gloves. Of course you are more than welcome to join with other neighborhoods picking up trash any Sunday between 6-8pm. There are a lot of plans for Prospect Park including patrols by Volunteer Service Corps members (a volunteer safety patrol with police radios), Painting the pavilions, putting up signs, redoing the mulch on the playground, and a few other ideas. As soon and the bureaucracy is gotten through I’ll let you know when you can come help with the major projects.

Friday – 2nd Friday event downtown and Spark East open house — read more below.

Tuesday May 12
Crossroads Fundraiser: A Taste of the Americas � Wine Tasting: Featuring
fine wines from North and South America . 6-8:30 p.m. Appetizers
included. Sponsored by Haab�s Restaurant and Arbor Brewing. Hosted at
Haab�s Restaurant � 18 W. Michigan Ave. Tickets $25.

Thursday, May 14th from 12pm till 6pm
Spring Flower Sale Fundraiser
Boy Scout Troop 290 is having a flower sale to benefit Troop activities such
as camping, equipment, training, leadership skills, etc.
Visit us online at http://www.troop290.us
Where: The K-Mart parking lot on Washtenaw
Questions: Please call Deanna at: 734-485-4284 or email the Scoutmaster at scoutmaster@troop290.us

Ypsilanti goes national twice
If you didn’t see Jimmy Fallon’s late night report on Ypsilanti check it out on Mark Maynards Blog (keep in mind the facts are not right)
And in other news — Ypsilanti is mentioned in the New Elvis Costello Song (I believe he has his facts correct)
Here is the Ypsi verse:
The women in Poughkeepsie
Take their clothes off when they’re tipsy
But I hear in Ypsilanti
They don’t wear any panties
Once they gargle with the finest champagne
They hitch up their skirts and exclaim
It’s not very far, sugar
It’s not very far, sugar
Pour a little sugar on me, sugar
It’s not very far from Sulphur to Sugarcane

Time to join the 4 square society
Growing hope has started the ‘4 square society’ as a way to track what people can grow in 4 square feet of space. If you are growing in your backyard please help them out. Find the information on the 4 square society here http://www.growinghope.net/foursquaresociety/index.shtml


Friday May 8

SPARK-East Open House/ Downtown Retailers Second Friday Shopping Event �
The following stores will have extended hours and special discount coupons
for each may be picked up at the SPARK Open House:

Simply deVine Cards-N-Gift 126 West Michigan Avenue

Studio Glamour Fashions – 214 Michigan Avenue

Glemps Printing and Word Gifts � 133 W. Michigan , Suite C.

Ritas Designs � 8 W. Michigan Avenue

World of Rocks – 42 North Huron Street

The Rocket – 103 West Michigan Avenue

Bowerbird Mongo – 210 West Michigan Avenue

SPARK-East (215 W. Michigan) Ann Arbor SPARK, in collaboration with
Washtenaw County, Eastern Michigan University, the Eastern Leaders Group
and all Eastern Innovation Campus partners, will kick off a community-wide
business open house with the debut of SPARK East, the third business
incubator in SPARK’s Regional Incubator Network. SPARK East offers
affordable office space, and critical start-up services, to new

Features a tour of the incubator, learn more about how Ann Arbor SPARK and
the Eastside Innovation Campus grows businesses in our region, and meet
entrepreneurs starting up and aiming for success.

Speakers include: The Honorable John D. Dingell, 15th Congressional
District , Dr. Susan Martin, President Eastern Michigan University, Robert
Guenzel, Washtenaw County Administrator, Ronnie Peterson, Washtenaw County
Commissioner, 6th District, Host: Michael A. Finney, President and CEO Ann
Arbor SPARK.


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