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Capture the Trash Update

Posted by ppna on April 20, 2009

Saturday was a great day at Riverside Park. Amongst the dozens of people playing games and taking in the sunshine were about 40 volunteers who came to pick up the trash. The event started at 11:30am with a brief orientation and chit-chat. The group broke away into their self-designated teams and hit the hills from noon until 2pm. The hills of Riverside Park and Frog Island were full of eager trash-pickers and if you go down there you will certainly notice the difference. I don’t have the numbers from this years pick up but there was an awful lot of trash and recyclables removed from the park.

The interesting thing about the trash collection is that you can tell exactly what goes on in each area of the park. The surprising thing is that the ‘healthy’ people and the drug addicts are equally guilty when it comes to throwing trash.

Sadly, my team did not win this year although we had quite a few neighbors from the PPNA show up to lend support. We did collect the most bags of trash but they gave the win to another team that had the most weight of trash. We did win for our trash art which was entitled ‘Graduation Day.’

As a final point I’d like to thank all of the folks that put this event together including Aubrees which worked with the DTCDC and provided free pizza. I also want to thank all of the folks that showed up to pick up trash. Finally I want to ask, where were you? In a town our size with a large student population 40 folks is a pretty crappy turn out. Lets get some of that community spirit and help make the community a better place.

FYI- If we use drug paraphernalia and condoms as a guide, the drug addicts and prostitutes seem to hang out in the Frog Island parking lot especially behind the Recycle center, the dumpster coral, and behind the utility shed in Frog Island. The drinkers aren’t particular, all areas of the park are littered with liquor, wine, and beer bottles. It does seem, by the number of tiny liquor bottles, that many of the people that park on the gravel portion of the Frog Island lot are drinking at their lunch hours since they don’t have time for a 1/2 pint. Along the soccer field there were a lot of plastic water and sport drink bottles (need receptacle for recyclables since the trash can was full of plastic bottles).


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