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Capture the Trash Tomorrow at 11:30am

Posted by ppna on April 17, 2009

The Details:
Capture the Trash
Riverside Park — Orientation and refreshments at 11:30am
Trash pick-up — Noon till 3pm
Date — Saturday, 4-18-09

Trash Bags provided
Gloves and old clothes are recommended

Join neighbors and students at Riverside Park to pick up trash. Once
Riverside and Frog Island parks are cleared of trash, groups will be
dispersed to clean up other parts of the city. Last year’s event was a
great success, with a lot of trash being cleared from the parks, the Maple
street parking lot, and the Frog Island parking lot.

It would be great to see a bigger community involvement this year,
however, as volunteers last year consisted mainly of EMU students. We
hope many more residents will come out for a few hours this Saturday to
show their support of the parks! For fun, the event is organized as a
team competition, but you don’t have to be on a team to participate. The
winning team last year,’Team Smoot,’ only had two full-time participants,
who managed to gather no fewer than 23 bags of trash. Awards will be
presented for the trashiest team, the muddiest group, the most unique
piece found, and the most trash collected. The awards are very nice, but
clean parks are the big trophy, and one we can all share.

Hope to see you there,
Kurt Anschuetz
Prospect Park Neighborhood Association


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