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Growing Hope providing FREE gardens for Low income Residents

Posted by ppna on April 16, 2009

That Growing Hope keeps doing good things


Been meaning to start that vegetable garden? Ready to take the plunge?

Happy spring!! I’m excited to let you all know that Growing Hope just received a grant that will allow us to install raised bed gardens (three four-by-four foot beds) in the yard of forty low or no-income households this spring!!! We’ll help build (though we like the families to participate as they’re physically able), provide the compost, seeds/plants, and offer to connect them to a garden mentor. In exchange, the families agree to do some surveying (about nutrition & other impacts of participating), and track and turn in data (poundage, etc) about what’s come out! That way, we build our knowledge of what really is possible to grow in small urban spaces, and they benefit from gardening for fresh food. Every time they turn in their tracking data, they’ll also get $10 market dollars– tokens to be redeemed to buy fresh food at our Downtown Ypsi Farmers’ Market. A win-win for the market and the families.

We’re open to families who both rent and own (renters just have to get sign-off from their landlords)– we’re basing the model off an organization in Washington state who’s been doing this for years– so we’re borrowing tools and surveys they’ve made, and learned from their best practices. We can also accommodate building the raised beds on existing ground or atop a patio or concrete.

I’m attaching the flyer, which includes the application (we print it two-sided). Please pass on to your friends and neighbors! We’re hoping some of them will think it’s a great opportunity to get growing.


Amanda Maria Edmonds
Executive Director, Growing Hope


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