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Bike Ypsi Spring Ride & Festival

Posted by ppna on April 11, 2009

Bike Ypsi Spring Ride & Festival 2009
When: May 3rd, 2009 – rides start at 10:00, festival starts at 12:00.
What: The big spring ride and festival! (it’s free and open to the

# Group rides at 10:00:Long Ride (33 miles)
# Medium Ride (13 miles with optional 6 mile add-on loop)
# Neighborhood Ramble/Scavenger Hunt (family friendly ride)
# Festival at 12:00:Activities for every age, BBQ, bike polo, bike
related games, info booths, and more.

Where: Recreation Park Pavilion
1015 Congress St.
(corner of Congress and Elm)

Where To: Three rides: regular, neighborhood, and long. The regular
ride is a 13-mile loop, with a 6-mile bonus add-on (optional). The
neighborhood ride/ramble is suitable for families with youngsters –
it’s got a scavenger-hunt format, at-your-own-pace, and stays away
from busy streets as much as possible. The long route is for the
harder-core folks. 30+ miles, and more oomph-per-mile than the other

Who: Anyone. Seriously. Our Spring Ride is sort of about being
everything to everyone… as long as it involves a bike. Want to just
get out for a leisurely mosey? OK. Want to pound the pedals, roll up
the road, and make a break for the finish line? That’s fine too. Just
looking to meet other bike people? Heck, that’s the whole point of the
shindig. It’s why it’s free, it’s why we all get together… hope to
see you there.

We encourage helmet use, so we hope you’ll bring yours if you’re
planning to ride. However, if you’re younger than 16, helmets are

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