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Midwest Sliders Job Opportunities

Posted by ppna on March 24, 2009

I was looking through the Midwest Sliders Page and noticed these Job Opportunities.

Community – Job Opportunities

Year ‘Round Part-Time Positions

Sales Associate:
Our sales associate will be responsible for selling to groups and small businesses. Social diplomacy, subtle persuasiveness, telephone demeanor and interpersonal selling skills will be important in cold calling prospective customers, arranging face-to-face meetings and “closing the deals.” Monthly salary is $400, plus a 15% commission on all sales.

Seasonal Part-Time Positions

Ticket Sellers:
Our ticket sellers sell single-game tickets to fans who “walk up” to purchase tickets immediately prior to game time. Basic math skills and a friendly disposition are critical to the job. Positions are for home games, only. Hourly pay is $8.00/hr.

Ticket Takers:
Our ticket takers act as official greeters as fans enter the ball park. Basic duty is to check validity of tickets. Positions are for home games, only. Hourly pay is $8.00/hr.

Security Associate: Our security guards are unarmed personnel who have security training and/or related experience for sports & entertainment events. Duties include [a] ensuring that fans do not carry into the ball park any food or beverage items or instruments that could be used as weapons and [b] assisting in crowd management in the event of unruly behavior and/or a natural or man-made disaster. Compensation to be negotiated.

Ball Park Ushers:
Our ushers work inside the ball park, directing fans to the correct seating area. Ushers also will be asked to “pitch in” on miscellaneous in-game duties, including but not limited to distributing sponsor coupons and directing fans/contestants onto the field for between-inning contests. Friendly disposition and the ability to work quickly are important. Positions are for home games, only. Hourly pay is $8.00/hr.

Public Address Announcer:
Our P.A. announcer for Midwest Sliders will be working all 45 home games. You will need to be on site when gates open one hour prior to first pitch. An ability to convey excitement, to speak clearly, to read ad copy with emphasis on appropriate phrases, and to properly pronounce player names is critical. Pay is $32 per game.

Press Box Attendants: Our press box attendants will perform various duties, from operating the scoreboard and providing press row with statistics, other game-day information and refreshments … to playing music between innings as well as before batters come to the plate and at other points during the game. Positions are for home games, only. Per-game pay is $30.

Ball Park Maintenance Crew: Our maintenance crew members are responsible for cleaning Oestrike Stadium – either the morning after the game or immediately after the game depending upon game start and completion times. Must be available for clean-up after all 45 home games and must be thorough. Three hours guaranteed for each clean-up at $8.00/hr.

Groundskeeper: Our groundskeeper will be responsible for maintaining the infield, which is field turf, and outfield, which is natural grass. Experience in sports facility maintenance preferred, but will provide training. Compensation to be negotiated.

Home & Visitor Clubhouse Managers: Our “clubbies” will be responsible for providing pre-game snacks (drinks and PBJ sandwiches) and towels and soap for players and coaching staff after the game. They will be responsible for doing team laundry, having uniforms ready for players three hours prior to game time and, in general, keeping the clubhouse in spotless condition. A “clubbie” manual containing details of all duties will be made available. For 45 home dates and two weeks of Spring Training, clubbies will be paid $500 from the Midwest Sliders of Ypsilanti and will receive approximately $1,500 in tips (the Frontier League mandates player and coach contributions from their travel per diem) during the season.

Bat Boys/Girls: Our bat boys/girls will work directly with the clubhouse managers in preparing the home and visitor dugouts with all required items prior to each game and breaking down the dugouts after each game. The bat boys/girls will sit in the dugouts during the games, “shagging” bats for players as well as retrieving fouled-off baseballs behind home plate and providing the home-plate umpire with new baseballs as required. Candidates must be at least 14 years of age and have parental permission to participate if a minor. Compensation is $20 per game plus one complimentary ticket to each game.


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