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PPNA general note 2-27-09

Posted by ppna on February 27, 2009

Hello Neighbors,

There isn’t a whole lot of news to report but I figured I’d send along an announcement with a few things.

SNOW REMOVAL — The city handed out 348 charges for snow removal to homeowners that didn’t clear their snow last week. The typical charge for removal was $83.00. These tickets have caused a lot of hub-bub because people say they were not properly notified of their non-compliance. A hint for everyone, If it snows and your sidewalks are covered in snow and/or ice the next day then you have been notified by mother nature that you are in non-compliance. There is no reason snow should not be removed from your sidewalk it creates a dangerous environment and its just plain crappy. If you need assistance clearing your snow because you are sick, out of town, etc just let me know — that’s what neighbors are for.

Prospect Park Summit — 7pm March 4th at Adams School Community Room (enter through the parking lot). This is a meeting for anyone that has ideas about Prospect Park. There has been talk about getting neighborhoods more active in Park Maintenance so this is your chance to voice your opinion. I also think it is important that we, as a neighborhood, start using the park more effectively — Weekly kick ball, wiffle ball, or 4 square games for adults and kids. If you are interested in using the park more or have concerns or reasons you don’t use the park please come to the Summit and express your concerns.

PPNA Garden Meeting / Plant exchange etc. — Anyone interested contact me with ideas. I’m sure we could get some guest speakers to help with gardening questions.

Tap Room Opens Addition on Monday — The Tap Room located on the corner of Washington and Michigan will be opening its addition on Monday. The addition includes two more storefronts which allows live music to return. The layout is such that the music should not interfere if you just want to chat with friends.

Invest in Local Professional Baseball — If you are interested in supporting our own baseball team (to be called the Ypsilanti Liberators) there is an opportunity to become an investor in the organization. That is correct, for as little as $500.00 you stand to make money, support a cool thing in the city, not lose the money in the stock market, and have fun. I don’t have all the details but if you are interested let me know. I haven’t found out about lower level investing (like if the PPNA could be a ‘group’ investor) but if you are interested in forming an investment group for this I’ll find out the information. Another way you can help is by buying tickets for the Midwest Sliders who will be playing 1 year at the EMU baseball stadium this will show other investors Ypsi supports local professional baseball.

Great Lakes Shipwreck Festival – This looks like it might be a fun way to spend a little time on Saturday. It is being held at WCC so you might as well go. I don’t know anything more than the website tells us.

I think that is all I have for you,
Take care,
Kurt Anschuetz


One Response to “PPNA general note 2-27-09”

  1. Thank you for having the first rational post about snow removal. I loved this part

    “If it snows and your sidewalks are covered in snow and/or ice the next day then you have been notified by mother nature that you are in non-compliance.”


    – Steve

    P.S. Happy birthday kiddo

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