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This is the national news Ypsi Needs

Posted by ppna on February 21, 2009

Read the story below and please answer a couple questions for me.

Does Kim Dunklin have a handicapped sticker?
If she does, how come she can beat the crap out of another person and not walk 50feet from her car?

updated 11:48 a.m. ET, Sat., Feb. 21, 2009

YPSILANTI, Mi – An Ypsilanti woman is charged with assault, accused by police of attacking another woman over a parking spot.

Kim Dunklin is charged with aggravated assault, illegal entry, resisting police, and assault and battery.

Police said Monday night Dunklin came home and found someone had parked in a handicapped spot that was only partially marked. Dunklin wanted to park there, so she confronted the neighbor.
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Dunklin got upset and assaulted the woman, police said. The neighbor suffered several injuries.

Dunklin was arrested and the judge set a $10,000 bond.


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