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And you thought you were getting lucky

Posted by ppna on February 13, 2009

Last evening during Citizen Police Academy I learned that if you are performing CPR for under 6 minutes you no longer have to do mouth to mouth.   They aren’t saying that mouth to mouth is bad they just know that the compressions which keep the blood flowing are more important.    The study that concluded this fact also hoped that if you remove mouth to mouth more people would be willing to jump in and perform CPR.    There are certain cases where mouth to mouth is required, those dealing with people who have not been breathing in a while etc.

The AHA ECC Committee acknowledges that all victims
of cardiac arrest will benefit from delivery of high-quality
chest compressions (compressions of adequate rate and depth
with minimal interruptions) but that some cardiac arrest
victims (eg, pediatric victims and victims of drowning,
trauma, airway obstruction, acute respiratory diseases, and
apnea [such as that associated with drug overdose]) may
benefit from additional interventions taught in a conventional
CPR course. Therefore, the Committee continues to encourage
the public to obtain training in CPR to learn the
psychomotor skills required to care for a wide range of
cardiovascular- and respiratory-related medical emergencies.”

I learned a lot of other interesting things from our fire fighters but CPR was the most important.


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