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Urban Farming Survey and Meeting

Posted by ppna on February 6, 2009

Since I have received this from 5 separate sources today I decided it was important.

Please share with friends & neighborhoods & blogs & others!!

Are you an urban farmer, or are you interested in urban farming? Come join us from 7-9 am on Monday, February 16th at Beezy’s Cafe for the second Ypsi Urban Farmers’ Breakfast to talk about the future of urban agriculture, community gardening, and CSAs in Ypsilanti. The first meeting was a resounding success with 20 bright-eyed attendees. For more information or to rsvp, contact Farmer Daniel at 734-786-8401, or email dan@growinghope.net

Based on the vision and ideas generated at the first meeting, we created an Ypsi Urban Farmer Survey, and hope that you will take it! It’ll take about 20 minutes. If the link doesn’t work, try cutting & pasting directly: http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?key=pj-dQ-ivCZlNiW7kqHECXYA

The City of Ypsilanti currently does not allow the keeping of chickens, goats, bees, or other “farm”-type animals. A minor change in the city ordinance involving agriculture is on City Council meeting agenda on February 17th, 2009. That meeting will include a public hearing (the first of two) on that ordinance change. While the proposed change does not (explicitly) allow for the keeping of these animals, it gives an opportunity for community feedback about urban agriculture and specifically the allowance of chickens. This brief survey aims to gather community input on potential ways the ordinance could be changed in the future, as well as identify potential supporters of urban agriculture. The cumulative results will be shared with City Council and in the community by Growing Hope.

Whether you’re an Ypsi resident or not, take the Ypsi Chicken Survey and let us know your opinions! You can cut & paste to get directly to it http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?key=pj-dQ-ivCZlO0jFXNU0hISQ.

We’re also looking for local folks to help us start seeds for the season (we’ll give you the set up & seeds, and enough space for you to grow for yourself, too)…. and trying to identify volunteers to act as garden mentors to new gardeners. Interested? Drop a line and we’ll share more!

If you’d like to join Growing Hope’s email list to get updates like this every few weeks, head to our website at http://www.growinghope.net, scroll down, enter your email address, and join!

Amanda Maria Edmonds
Executive Director, Growing Hope


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