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$20.00 Goes a long way

Posted by ppna on February 6, 2009

Last night at the Citizens Police Academy there was a panel discussion on narcotics and prostitution in our fair city. The panel consisted of 4 panelists 2 males and 2 females all of whom had spent time on the streets of Ypsilanti.

The most shocking news to me was that they performed about 25 tricks each, every day of the year. The going rate of each trick is between $20 and $60.

So even on a slow day the money is astronomical. $20 X 20 a day X everyday of the year = $146,000. It was a really mind opening number and the math works according to police numbers and the girls own perceptions.

The other thing to note is that most if not all of that money went straight into a local drug dealers hands. The girls even said they had to supplement their prostitution income with stealing. It is an amazing and interesting world out there on Michigan Ave.


3 Responses to “$20.00 Goes a long way”

  1. Chase Ingersoll said

    Start suing the “johns” under theory of common public nuisance, in small claims, for damaging your right to “enjoy” ownership of our property. I did that back in 1995 in Illinois. Dried up the traffic on the streets real quick. Michigan also has a drug nuisance statute [like Illinois] where you as an individual or organization can sue and go after the owners of property which is inhabited by dealers or users.

  2. City can sue under nuisance statute as well. Under city law, two drug arrest for possession or two arrests for prostitution (or one of each) in a 6 month period at one location and the city can board up and padlock the building for a year.

    – Steve

  3. […] internet, looking for some content to rip off, when I happened across a posting from February on the site of Ypsi’s Prospect Park Neighborhood Association about local prostitution – a subject that we’ve discussed here quite a bit in the past. This […]

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