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The New Look Thompson Block

Posted by ppna on January 21, 2009

Look up at the Thompson Block and you’ll notice something new.  No, the place isn’t getting remodeled but it isn’t looking as bad either.   Beal came up with the idea to paint the boarded up window  to look like ‘real windows.’  The original report I heard was that his plan was to make it so you wouldn’t notice they were boarded up which didn’t happen.  What did happen is that there is now a ‘cartoon’ look to the building.   For some strange reason I kinda like it at least compared to the boarded up look.   I hope Beal does the same thing with the lower level and maybe even paint the lower level to give it a unified, not falling down, look.

An idea I had would be for him to have someone paint the lower level plywood with murals depicting what the possible uses would be.  I think this might help possible tenants visualize what they might do with the building.   Have one section look like a display window have another depicting people enjoying a dinner, that type of thing.    I know this would be expensive but if the building is not going to be developed for a while it might be worth it for Beal and certainly for the city.   I think it is an idea we could use throughout the city.   The railroad depot could do the same thing.

With or without the murals I hope he boards the bottom windows the same way as the top.

Thanks Stewart Beal for doing something to show the building isn’t totally abandoned.


2 Responses to “The New Look Thompson Block”

  1. Maybe we could put up a Hollywood set at Water Street….like maybe an Old West street or Times Square or something….

  2. ppna said

    I just re-read this and I want everyone to know that I am not being sarcastic. I really do like the ‘windows’ in the Thompson block and am certainly willing to help paint the lower level if he wishes to go that route.

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