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Dave French’s U-Brew

Posted by ppna on December 30, 2008

If you haven’t noticed the U-Brew store on Washtenaw Avenue has a big ‘FOR RENT’ sign in the window and the store is all but packed up.   Today I stopped in to see Dave and asked him what was going on.   The bad news is that the store is closing but for a good reason.    Dave told me he plans on going into full scale production of  ‘Frog Island’ beer and he needed a place with a loading dock as well as time to promote the beer.   Dave found a place in Scio Twp. that fit his needs so he’ll be moving away from Ypsilanti and will no longer serve as a U-brew store.    If you need beer making supplies I believe Mike still sells them at the old farm bureau on Forest avenue and Dave is closing out some of the items at his store (good time to pick up a car boy or Mead.    For folks, like me, who enjoy stopping in and talking with dave and picking up the occasional supply the closing of the store is a sad piece of news but I am very delighted that sometime in the early summer of 2009 I’ll be able to stop by a local party store and pick up a 22 of some fantastic Frog Island Beer.

Thanks Dave —  I can’t wait to drink the new brews on a regular basis (If you haven’t had any of the new varieties of Frog Island Beers they are fantastic)


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