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1871 Newspaper Notes – till Sept 30th

Posted by ppna on October 23, 2008

Here are some more Newspaper notes — if you read through you’ll notice probably the most sickening case of murder / manslaughter in the history of the City of Ypsilanti.

April 29th
D. Showerman Sold his store on Congress now occupied by Showerman & Chidister to D.B. Greene for $6500. Mr. G will remove his hat cap & funishing store as soon as Showerman & Chidister close out of stock.

Lightning on Forest ave. Home of Mr George Carr. Lightning entered chimney & knocked it endwise plaster was loosened all over the house.

May 6th
Mayoral Inaugural Address by mayor Bogardes — Roads are great $24,000 spent in past 2 years — Bridge on Cross st. Pilings almost done — Want to relocate the wood & hay market, use of main thorough fair for this purpose unbearable. — Finish moving bodies from West Cemetery — Sell East Public square which is a central location that should be developed.

May 13th
Saloons closed by mayor and marshal last Sabbath

A Mr. Skinner who has been severely bled, drugged & robbed so reported at George Carr’s Saloon has a worthy wife. Wife is suing George Carr. Suit withdrawn because Skinner was drunk and has no recollection

My 27th
Prof Estebrook buys home of Prof Griffith near Prof Estebrooks old home on Forest $7,300

Prof Griffith buys residence of L.D. Showerman on Huron for $13,000

Vail & Co’s cofee mill & roasters on Huron St. Vail, Weeks, & Craine Ice cream on Huron

June 3
Excelsior Lodge no 710 I.O.of G.T. festival in new hall above Batchelder’s Marble Factory

June 24
A. Guild & Son Cigar manufactuor

Dr. Post exchanged his residence on Huron St. fore the more elligible position on Huron St. nearly opposite the Episcopal Church. Traded with Mrs. Day and gave ever so much to boot.

J. Millen moved tailor shop from over R. Lambie’s store to over Sanders & Wortley’s Clothing Store

Baseball club Ypsilantis and the Hurons

Fire in City council building, a prisoner in lock up who awoke to room full of smoke, he was released and helped. Were able to put fire out with minimal damage.

Died Mr. Horace Worden aged 36 – One of Worden Bros – ingenious machinist had ‘love of drink’

July 29 –
Horse stabed with fork at stable of G.M. Vail

Aug 5
Marshall Forsyth driving business at East end of Congress st. Bridge, widening the street, putting in wood abatement thus preparing for a nice walk.

Robert Hemphill, the banker, built novel & neat fence. Thompson & Grahm painted fence on the corner of Cross & Huron, owner of SW corner is abundantly able to do the same.

Ypsilanti Bench Manufacturing Co. “Bench Patent shifting carriage seat.

Aug 5
Mrs Pusey Death – Husband charged with fraud and jailed in Detroit. She had a nervous breakdown and was prescribed morphine by her Dr. The nurse gave a second does & she died. She was pregnant & the priest cut out the fetus to sprinkle holy water on it and save it from hell. “Cut into quivering flesh”

A. Pursey’s stock was sold at a bankruptcy sale (Newell Block)

More on Pusey – Morphine causes coma which people may recover from

A. Pusey stated baby was 7 months gestation had he been home Dr. & Priest would have landed in Davey Jones Locker.

Mr. Bucklin is clearing away rubbish, the hope is he is preparing for something on his valuable lots corner of Congress & Huron.

Aug 19th
List of Bridge proposals submitted for Cross st. bridge

Lots of Anti Catholic rhetoric because of the Pusey case

Aug 26th
Report from Jury on widening of Emmett st.

Will M. Carleton at Hewitt Hall

Mr. Pusey says his wife had premonitions of her death and she died under similar circumstances.

Fire at old cider mill this side owned by Mr. S. Hamlin. The building was doomed with 500-600 barrels of vinegar lost.

Sept 9
Catholics & Protestants continue to threaten each other in the city

Watt & Miller – new shoe store South Congress 3 doors east from Washington


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