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The Europeans have a 65mpg BMW why can’t we?

Posted by ppna on October 16, 2008

It seems amazing in a time when all the talk is about Hybrids and Electrics being the only option to save the world from our gas-guzzlers there are already a lot of options in Europe that do better. The technology is called Diesel fuel. A few years ago when the PT Cruiser came out with horrible gas millage for it’s size (ab. 25) I was able to drive a PT Cruiser 5 speed Diesel that I believe got around 40mpg. The diesel PT seemed a lot more sporty to me. The auto writer (who had the car) told me American’s don’t except diesel it was something they tried and it didn’t work. Let me tell you that the new diesels aren’t as loud and smokey as the old ones and they don’t need to be plugged in during the winter (in most states).

I just read of the BMW built Mini D — the report says that BMW is working hard to bring this car to the US. Wouldn’t it be nice if the big 3 could use a small portion of that 25 Billion they just received to develop a single platform safe, fuel efficient, diesel/bio-diesel. If we got the big-three to combine efforts on a small city car “America’s car” it would be inexpensive, reliable, and ready in a few years without the questions like battery reliability or how to plug it in on the road. A properly produced small diesel would be the stop-gap we need until cleaner burning technologies are completed.

What we don’t want to do is sell people electric or hybrid vehicles that don’t work or are put to market too early just to get ahead of the curve. I’m worried if they don’t work people we say ‘we tried that and we don’t like it’ without realizing they tried chuck-steak not NY strip.

Read about the MINI D
DETROIT–I’m cruising south on Interstate 75 at a steady 64 mph. If the fuel economy gauge in the car can be believed–and there’s no reason that it shouldn’t–I’m burning one gallon of fuel every 74 miles.


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