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Ypsilanti COPAC receives $15,000 Award

Posted by ppna on October 10, 2008

I thought I’d post this ‘wire’ report on the MetLife award the Ypsilanti Police Department received as a result of the good work they do working with neighborhood groups.   There were 11 awards given out of 500 applicants plus there is cash which makes it an award the Chief and everyone should be proud of.

Good Job,


Local Initiatives Support Corporation and MetLife Foundation Honor Community-Police Partnerships

    2008 MetLife Foundation Community-Police Partnership Awards Announced

    NEW YORK, Oct. 9 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- For the seventh year,
MetLife Foundation and the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) are
honoring innovative partnerships between community organizations and
police, which promote neighborhood safety and revitalization. Eleven
honorees will receive awards ranging from $10,000 to $25,000 to expand
community safety initiatives. The awards, which were announced today, were
selected from a record number of applicants -- over 500 nationwide.

    "Partnerships between community groups and police are vital to reducing
crime and increasing housing, economic activity and opportunities for
residents," said Sibyl Jacobson, president of MetLife Foundation. "We are
pleased to join LISC in recognizing these partnerships and sharing their
best practices with others working to build safe, healthy communities."

    Six honorees received Neighborhood Revitalization awards, recognizing
interdependent achievement in crime reduction and economic development,
including real estate development, business attraction, and job growth. The
award-winning partnerships are:

    --  Greater Elmwood Neighborhood Services & Providence Police Department
        - Providence, RI
    --  Indiantown Non-Profit Housing, Inc & Martin County Sheriff's
        Department - Indiantown, FL
    --  Rhodes College & Memphis Police Department - Memphis, TN
    --  Ypsilanti Community Policing Action Council - Ypsilanti, MI
    --  Madison Park Development Corporation & Boston Police Department  -
        Roxbury, MA
    --  Capitol Weed & Seed Partners - Phoenix, AZ
    Five honorees received Special Strategy awards, recognizing
achievements around specific crime prevention and community building
themes, such as seniors and safety and applied technology. The award
recipients are:

    --  For Aesthetics and Green Space Improvement, Coalition for Responsible
        Community Development & the Los Angeles Police Department -Los
        Angeles, CA
    --  For Applied Technology, Fax Net 1 & the Phoenix Police Department -
        Phoenix, AZ
    --  For Diversity Inclusion & Integration, Dwa Fanm & the New York
        Police Department - Brooklyn, NY
    --  For Gang Prevention and Youth Safety, Miami Partnership for Action in
        Communities Task Force- Miami, FL
    --  For Seniors and Safety, Madison Villa Safety Partners - Cincinnati, OH
    All of the award winners tackled difficult crime and economic
challenges and achieved impressive results. For winners of the Neighborhood
Revitalization awards, accomplishments included revitalizing dilapidated
historic homes to create high-quality affordable housing, and attracting
anchor businesses to areas that previously struggled with disinvestment.
Winners of the Special Strategy awards excelled in building lasting
partnerships between communities and police, each with a particular goal in

    For example, a community development organization in South Los Angeles
employed at-risk local youth to remove graffiti in a commercial district
seeking to attract more shoppers. As part of a coordinated strategy, the
Los Angeles Police Department and City Attorney's Office simultaneously
provided targeted enforcement against graffiti and gang crimes, resulting
in a marked improvement in the area's safety and economic vitality. In
Brooklyn, another community-based organization pioneered the first
partnership between police and New York's Haitian immigrant community
around issues of violence. In each instance, the partners opened up lines
of communication across agencies and learned to leverage each other's
resources to respond to changing crime concerns.

    "These community groups and police departments have achieved marked
improvements in neighborhood safety and health in the face of very
challenging circumstances," said Julia Ryan, director of the Community
Safety Initiative (CSI), the national LISC program that administers the
awards. "By being creative and often tenacious, they have come up with
crime prevention strategies that work and can be replicated in other

    CSI builds formal, long-term partnerships between law enforcement and
community developers in troubled neighborhoods to reduce persistent crime,
disorder, and fear. The partners select, coordinate, and implement their
development initiatives and crime-control efforts to produce results -
crime reduction that promotes development and development that promotes
crime reduction. By the unconventional linking of innovative policing with
economic development, police and developers aim to attract the kinds of
social and financial investments that make communities safer and more
vibrant. More information on CSI can be found at http://www.lisc.org/csi.

    LISC is the nation's leading community development support
organization. Since 1980, LISC has marshaled more than $8.6 billion from
more than 3,100 investors, lenders, and donors. In over 300 urban
neighborhoods and rural communities nationwide, LISC has helped 2,800
organizations build or rehabilitate more than 230,000 affordable homes and
32 million square feet of retail, community, and educational space --
totaling $25.3 billion in development. As a result, hundreds of thousands
of people have better lives and brighter futures. LISC established CSI in
1994 to help neighborhood groups develop alliances with police departments
to combat persistent crime and disorder problems.

    MetLife Foundation, established by MetLife in 1976, is a long-time
supporter of LISC's community revitalization programs. In 1994, the
Foundation made a $1 million leadership grant to pilot the CSI. MetLife and
the Foundation have also made below-market rate loans and grants of more
than $76 million to the organization. MetLife Foundation supports health,
education, civic, and cultural programs throughout the United States. For
more information about the Foundation, visit http://www.metlife.org.

    Contact: Julia Ryan (LISC), (212) 455-1618

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