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YPD right where I needed them.

Posted by ppna on October 10, 2008

Last night after leaving DaLat with a few friends we were getting in the car and from across the street came some yelling.   It was a guy apparently trying to start a fight with us but we weren’t sure.   He just kept yelling, ‘What are you looking at,’ and putting his arms in the air.   When one of the girls asked if he were talking to her he got even more angry.  He threw his coat on the ground and started yelling and puting his hands up more.  All the time we kept with our business of getting in the car but still trying to figure out just what was happening.  As we were pulling away I was contemplating calling the non-emergency police phone number just to have them drive by and check the guy out but as luck would have it, we turned onto Washington and there was a patrol car at the light.   I jumped out and explained to the officer that there was a guy screaming and apparently trying to start a fight with us.   I think the guy saw the brake lights of our car but couldin’t see the cop car so he really started screaming, unknown to him the officer could hear him too.  The Officer explained that he couldn’t arrest him, which I didn’t expect but I thought it would be nice if the Officers talked with him to explain that the way he was acting was unacceptable.   The officer said he’d have a talk with him and if the guy had a warrant he’d pick him up.    Out of curiosity we drove around the block and by the time we reach Michigan ave. there were 2 patrol cars and the guy was being patted down.  I’m glad the guy finally got a confrontation but probably not the one he wanted.

Thanks, Y.P.D. on another job well done.


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