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Luna Lake Restoration Project — part 2

Posted by ppna on October 7, 2008

A lot of folks enjoyed a beautiful Saturday afternoon in Prospect Park.  This past Saturday was the planting phase of the Luna Lake Restoration Project.   All of the community regulars were there giving a helping hand.  EMU students from the EMU club ‘GREEN’ came out to help and they did a fantastic job.   There were also several people, not from a surrounding neighborhood,  that had read about the project in the paper and turned up to help.

Rachel worked incredibly hard setting up this project and managing the site.   I helped until around 5pm and there was still some planting to be done but the crew was hard at work.

Several people thought ahead and brought snacks and water to share and the Ypsilanti Fire Department showed up to water the plants once we were done.  The Luna Lake project will not only look great and give Prospect Park a needed focal point but it was a true community effort.

Good Job Ypsilanti


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