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Heritage Festival Wrap Up

Posted by ppna on August 18, 2008

Hey Jaycees — Thanks for taking care of the trash and the other work you did this year.

This was the first year I became involved in the Heritage Festival in any way. On Friday I volunteered to work in the ‘Green’ tent with the EMU Stormwater team which works to educate the public on the dangerous effects of water runoff into our rivers and ground water as well as other ‘green’ projects.

On Saturday I volunteered to give walking tours of Michigan avenue and N. Huron streets with the ‘Ypsilanti Walking Tour company’ we didn’t get a lot of takers for the tours but I think Ed’s idea of having people on-call for tours through the V.C.B., The Marriot, etc. is a good idea and the hope is that tours will be something people request in the future. All proceeds from the tours go to the Riverside Neighborhood Association.

Volunteering at these booths forced me to sit around and look at the festival from a different perspective than I had in the past. What I noticed for the first time is how much the younger kids seemed to have fun and I think the Heritage Festival Committee did a great job providing entertainment. The band selection was good, the petting zoo seemed fun, the kids area always seemed packed. I was disappointed in the “learn to fiddle in 20 minutes” (not what I expected) but it was a great exercise for the kids and you’d be hard pressed to find a more enthusiastic leader.

I really enjoyed the Freighthouse fund raiser Happy Hour on Friday night. It was a perfect night to sit on the back porch of the freighthouse with a band playing at the perfect volume. I met with a group of neighbors and we had a fun talk with the mayor and other local folks. The Lah De Dah baseball game (played by the rules of 1867) on Sunday was fun to sit and watch. The Fireworks were great and the setting perfect. If you didn’t take in the festival – make sure you do next year it is on the upswing.

I hope the festival continues to grow the ‘green’ section and invite more and more groups. I would also like to see more Ypsilanti heritage represented. I know at least one business in Depot Town had their best day ever but downtown seemed rather empty. I’m sure as a community we could help the Heritage Festival committee get more of the folks downtown, lets think of ways and let them know.

All and All.
Great job Heritage Festival Committee and Jaycees,
I really enjoyed this years festival (even though the ducks are rigged against me).

Thanks Kurt


One Response to “Heritage Festival Wrap Up”

  1. They should make beer on the Freighthouse porch a regular event…

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