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Ypsilanti Commercial Newspaper Notes 1869

Posted by ppna on August 7, 2008

Ypsilanti Commercial 1869

Most of the editorials were about the need to fund another railroad line. There were numerous repots about the amount of rain in 1869 and many places were flooded. 3 articles about people getting hit by the Michigan Central (but none in Ypsilanti). Lots of reports on the need to support the temperance movement because of fighting and one murder (Ypsilanti youths killed a youth in Ann Arbor).

April 10 – Add for the arrival of Tom Thumb and his Little Party

May 11- Real Estate Sale, Estate of Emeline Tock (an insane person) commencing on Cross st 20ft west of s.e. corner of lot 271 in Norris & Cross addition to the village (now city) running 20ft, then North Parallel with the east line 56ft, then east parallel to cross 20ft, than south, William B. Tock, Guardian

Ad – Parson Brothers lumberyard south end of River st. New Planning Mill

April 17 – Incendiary (arsonist) in Ypsilanti – Philo Ferrier’s foundry was burned at midnight on River St. Owners of nearby residences moved furniture out of their houses. 3:30am – Burned: The Methodist Church Shed, I.N. Conklin’s barn, E Hendricks & J. Kitchen’s barns destroyed, E. Yost & Chenney Barns saved. There was an attempt to burn the Baptist Church too. – The Mayor later offered a $500.00 reward

May 1 – editorial about the editorial in ‘our contempory’s paper. Apparently there was an attack upon the Ladies Library Association. “Catalog of the library will soon be available and it will give the public the opportunity to decide how much ‘filthy slime’ and ‘tepid nastiness’ there is in the library.

Batchelder Bros erection opposite the Marble works on Washington a spacious 2 story building 24×75 to expand their business

May 21 – Opposite the Hawkins House Mrs. Mayne is erecting a nice sore, desiging a first class front between the old Lazzaleer block & Martins.

Nearly opposite Rowley’s produce store, Mr. S. Whitmarsh is erecting a produce & feed store of Comely Proportions

Unusual activity going on in the Corner store of the Norris Block. The new proprietor O.E. Thompson bought this property and is going to renovate & repair right to the handle. O.E. Thompson is glad to be out of the old barn in the rear having for $100 bequeathed the barn & all apertures belonging thereto to our good natured colored friend William Casey.

June 5
“The Greatest Show of the Season” Dr. James L. Thayers Circus and Hippodrome June 14th. 2 shows 50cents adult 25cents children

June 12
An imposter and vagrant – A person having the form of a man who represents that one of his arms is paralyzed is around our streets begging for money, ostensibly to pay for medicine to cure his arm but in reality to pay for whiskey.

June 26th – James Robinson’s Champion Circus Combined with Gardner & Kenyon’s Menagerie coming July 7th.

July 10th –Real Estate: W.H. French to Ellen Sprig house and 2 lots on Cross $2800.00
A.M. Milligan to Samuel Robbins 10 acres on Forest $4500
Mary C. Spencer to A.M. Card house and lot on Huron $2000
A.M. Card to H. Batchelder house & lot on Huron $2000
M.L. Shutts to M.S. Starr House & Lot on Adams st. $5000

Report on the 4th of July in Ypsilanti – once again the editor is disappointed in the turn out of the city on the 4th of July. Only the horse association celebrated by having a race and horse show. “Track of horse association course was in poor condition races were postponed.

Saloons remained opened on the 4th and there was a large number of street fights ‘most disgraceful sight.

July 24 –O.W. Peck’s residence on Summit Street has the finest sheep. Imported from Canada and Scotland to improve the states wool. 2 Bucks and 20 pair of lambs.

Aug 14 –
Whitmore & Son are raising their sash & blind manufactory on Cross st. Building Two story building and making the front correspond with O.E. Thompsons as near as possible.

Aug 28 – Mr. George Moorman is erecting a steam flouring mill with Brick Walls on the bank of the River in the rear of Mr. S. Rowley’s produce store. 45×55 3 story building.

Mr. B. Thompson has moved his wagon shop on Cross st. back and is going to make a residence of it. It has been occupied as a shop for over a quarter of a century. ‘Cross st. East is coming up.’

Sept 11 – Levi J. North’s Circus and assorted performing animals coming Sept 17th.

Sept 25 – Real Estate: C.R. Pattison House and Lot on Cross st. to H. Haskins esq $2100
C.R. Pattison to S.W. Pattison lot on Cross $300
William Webster to John Shipman 10 acres on Forest $4500
Andrew Martin to A.M. Card house & lot on Huron $3000
George Shier to G.W. Moore house & lot on Oak $800
Warren L. Rice to John A. Judson house & lot on Congress $1300

Oct 9- Druey & Taylor have started a hardware store in Morse’s block, corner of Congress & Washington sts. Mr. D. will be remembered as formerly with Bickford & Camp.

Oct 16: O.E. Thompson print shop specializing in vehicle painting and now doing signs.

Oct 23rd – Snow Storm like never scene before in October.

Now 6th – What we need: We need an efficient police force of one or more persons. “We know our taxes are enormous but they people demand security, public order and decency. It is the cheapest in the long run.

Nov 20 – Fire Last Saturday 9pm. Jacob Emerick’s barns, shed’s, cider mill, 1000 bushels of apples. Large Quantity of Hay burned.

December 25th : Story about the building of the museum at the Normal College.

Mr. Motford, the Normal School Janitor – a colored man, & family occupy the basement of the Museum as the building was being finished. Mr. S. Hand left lumber in the building along the only access point for the Motford’s. The lumber got wet due to the families movements. Mr. Hand had the workers using the Motford’s janitorial supplies without asking and when the children would go to retrieve them they would be harassed and called names. Mrs. Motford stated ‘I spent 20years as a slave and never suffered as much abuse as Mr. Hand and his workers gave.’ One day Mr. Hand tore down the Motford’s clothesline and threw it on the ground. Mr. Motford confronted Mr. Hand and a fight broke out. Mrs. Motford went to the aid of her husband and brickbats, stone & blood started flying. Seth, Davis & co. talked Mr. Motford and Mr. Hand went after Mrs. Motford. He hit her with brickbats, wounding her severely,. ‘She lays him hors de combat, breaking his arm.’ She then went to the aid of her husband and charged the men with a club causing the men to flee. Mrs. M. suffered many injuries and is slowly recovering.

1872 real-estate house on the corner of Huron & Pearl $9000


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