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Vote on Tuesday August 5th

Posted by ppna on August 2, 2008

As a resident of ward 3 I’ve been watching the election race unfold and it still seems like a tight race. I was pretty disappointed in the ward 3 voters last week when the council forum was held. My guess was that there were probably 50 to 75 people that showed up to ask questions of the candidates. This is a big primary because either Pete Murdock or Rod Johnson will be moving on to face the independent candidates in the fall. Whoever is elected to the Ward 3 city council spot will have a big impact on the future success of the city. I hope the residents of Ward 3 take a serious look at the candidates and vote on the facts, experience, and issues and not vote for a candidate because someone knows someone who knows a candidate and they said he was a good guy.

The Ypsi Courier posted a brief overview of the candidates here.
If you head to Mark Maynard’s site you can see a bit of an online debate.
I will be posting the questions and answers to the Ward 3 forum from last week on this site soon.

Do your homework and vote.


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