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Is there an Ypsilanti Community Day in your Future??

Posted by ppna on July 28, 2008

The idea has come up for an Ypsilanti Community Day which will have the sole purpose of getting citizens of the city to interact in a fun and productive way. The scope is broad but that is the intention. Community Day will be run for the people by the people.

Here is how it will work,
Riverside Park/Frog Island will be set up to handle the event with the proper insurance, power, clean-up etc. Community members including citizens, organizations, clubs, and businesses will be asked to submit ideas on how they would like to participate. The organizers of the event will put the like minded folks together to plan and create an ‘area.’ The interested group will be responsible for the activities in their area. This concept is risky since it relies on people to take a proactive role in putting this festival together. Without volunteers and ideas the festival will not prosper but with help from the community the festival will grow and become a natural expression of the citizens of Ypsilanti.

I have taken the role to set up a ‘field day’ for adults and kids. This will be a series of ‘athletic’ competitions with teams comprised of the neighborhood associations. The big attraction will be a Kick-ball game so start gathering your teams now. I am hoping to recruit volunteers to help run the games and to come up with ideas for the games. I plan on seeking out EMU physical education students and athletes. I might also seek help from Ypsilanti Public School teachers that have experience running field days.

Ideas I have for others are a;
“Garden Area” — local pro gardening groups could get together to host home garden competitions (biggest veggie of a type etc.), a perennial exchange, rain barrel demonstrations, talks, etc.

“Green Area” — Ypsi Solar and other groups or businesses who are trying to demonstrate better building ideas, the use of solar, recycling, can get together and put on seminars or have individual tents showcasing their ideas.

“Taste of Ypsilanti” — Local restaurants could set up a section to prepare fairly priced food for festival goers.

“Art Show” — The R.A.C., EMU, WCC, What is that Gallery, etc. could get together to set up an area for any and all Ypsilanti resident artists that would like to show or sell their goods.

“Busker Area” — Local folks with talents like juggling, sword swallowing, accordion players, acoustic folks/bands, whatever you think people would like to see you could do. There would be some organization but there should be room for people to play in a lot of corners of the parks.

“Kid Zone” — Volunteers would be asked to set up kid friendly activities including face-painting, balloon animals, story times, fire-safety course, etc. If you or your group works with kids you could volunteer.

As you can see the possibilities are endless but we will need individuals, groups, and businesses to take the lead to make this event happen.

So far this event is in the very early development stages but I’d like to get reaction from people who would be willing to participate. We will attempt to make this an annual event which will happen sometime in September.


One Response to “Is there an Ypsilanti Community Day in your Future??”

  1. I am in. Let me know what I can do to help.

    – Steve

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