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Shadow Art Fair

Posted by ppna on July 21, 2008

I’m not certain why the folks that run the Shadow Art Fair here in Ypsilanti decided to dramatically decrease their admission fee from 5cents to 2cents because I think people would have paid the extra to get in. For your 2cents you received a days worth of live entertainment in the beer garden of the Corner Brewery plus you were given the chance to purchase interesting and unique art which included all kinds of things including T-shirts, Zines, Buttons, Dishware, Tiles, Robots and much much more.

There is really a lot of good stuff to be had at the Shadow art fair but you have to be willing to take a chance. I feel for the zine writers because zines don’t really sell themselves so as a patron you just have to buy one on good faith that what you find inside will be worth the couple of bucks you paid. I bought 2 zines at the fair and was pleased with both of them and I plan on ‘blind purchasing’ more at the next shadow art fair.

Make sure you thank those involved in the Shadow Art Fair and help them keep it going.


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