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A Poem about early Ypsilanti

Posted by ppna on July 17, 2008

Here is a Poem written by William Lambie sometime around 1883 — You can read his complete collection here, thanks to Google Books. There is a lot of local history within these poems so you might want to read the whole book.

Ypsilanti on the Huron

In the youthful days of long ago
We sung to see the Huron flow
By the clear and rippling river
Through Ypsilanti flowing ever.
Sweeping along banks bright and green,
In sylvan shade and sunny gleam
Where lovers row the bonnie boats
That o’er the placid water floats,
Or hoisting up the tiny sail
They glide on with scented gale

Round the flowery meadows winding
Deubel’s corn and good wheat grinding
Driving all the wheels and bands
Tumbling o’er the deep mill dams
Then foaming down in white cascades
And murmuring in the woodland shades.
Runnin the Mayor’s belts and cranks
And sawing Fomor’s logs in planks,
Barnes and Cornwell’s paper mills
Many a purse and pocket fills;
Giving work to the great and small,
Where the bright booming waters fall.
Straw and rags with steam and vapor,
Rolled out in sheets of clean white paper.
And rolls of paper by the mile
For printing in the best of style,
The notes and credit good and strong
the city paying every bond.

Citizens wealthy and refined
Generous, able, true and kind,
A few are close with well-filled pockets,
Grasping tight like Worden’s sockets;

Where houses, schools and stately towers
Gleam through the green wood maple bowers,
The churches built on solid rocks
The churches sound and orthodox;
Bible truth with instruction clear,
To every one who comes to hear,
And city schools with learning free
Where all can take a high degree
Good teachers, books and tax combined
To elevate the youthful mind.

The Normal halls, and model school
To fill the vacant noddle full,
The Sentinel sounds his bugle call
First editor among them all
When hostile parties cross the line
He makes the fur fly every time.
Our commercial gives the news,
Politics, Poems and Reviews,
Good Paper, printed cheap and clean,
By logic and the power of steam.

The Band of Hope, by speech and tunes,
Trying to close the rum saloons,
With bolts and bars and iron bands,
As long as the Republic stands
Ex-Mayor the bravest man in town
To put the liquor traffic down,
Through the town long trains are going
ringing bells and whistles blowing,
Rushing under banks and ridges,
Rolling o’er the iron bridges,
Trailing thier smokey banner high
Far up along the azure sky.
Here farmers come to buy and sell,
Where honest traders treat them well.
May Ypsilanti grander grow
While roses blow, and rivers flow,
Health and wealth and peace securing,
In happy homes beside the Huron.


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