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PPNA Block Party

Posted by ppna on July 16, 2008

i just wanted everyone to know that we had a great time at the PPNA block party.  I couldn’t believe how much work there was to setting it up but I was happy with the turnout and plenty pleased that those neighbors that showed up seemed to have a good time.   I have a firm grasp on what is needed for next year and how to delegate the duties so next year will be easier except I intend to grow the party each year.

We accomplished the goal of getting a lot of neighborhood kids to show up and getting neighbors to interact.  I built several carnival games for the kids to play and play they did.   Cafe Luwak and Gordon’s Five and Dime came through with some fabulous prizes and I want to thank them for their generosity and for their businesses.     Every kid walked away happy.     A couple of other highlights for the kids were a fantastic interactive story time and some of the best face painting ever.     I’d like to thank Mary and Marlena for helping out with those things and of course thank all the neighbors that helped run the games.

For the adults the Corner Brewery generously donated a keg of beer which was empty by the time the neighbors went home.   We were also graced by the band Hullabaloo which played an extremely entertaining show and I think brought people out of the woodwork.

A nice group of our local politicians were on hand as well including the Mayor, Brian Robb, Pete Murdock, Rod Johnson, and my favorite of all Alma Wheeler Smith.   I’m certain a lot of the neighbors didn’t know their local politicians so it was great that they came out to answer questions and enjoy the party.   I did have a heated talk with Brian Robb about us taking the South Side of Forest away from HESNA and bringing those people into the PPNA.

I’m very happy I live in a neighborhood which has such great neighbors who have such a great time together.

Thanks to all that attended and to the businesses that supported us now please get out and support those businesses.



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