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Break Ins near the PPNA

Posted by ppna on July 16, 2008

Yesterday I received a call from a friend asking me to check on his Mom’s house on Carver Street. She had been out of town and someone had broken in. I was the closest friend they had available to secure the house.

When I arrived there were 5 officers combing over the house. Two Ypsilanti Crime Scene Investigators, two Ann Arbor detectives and one Ypsilanti Patrol officer. It turns out the A2 police had found personal information that belonged to my friend’s mom at a house they were investigating in Ann Arbor so they called the Ypsilanti Police to contact her and to check the house. This was the 2nd break in on Carver street this week so if you live around Prospect Park make sure you are looking after things. Both houses were broken into while the owners were away on vacation. The police are thinking that there may be someone on a lawn care crew that is watching houses while he/she is working. One of the scary things is that the crooks left all electronics they were only looking for personal information and rummaged through just about everything they even drank a Pepsi while doing so.

Just a week ago another friend on Pearl street had been broken into while he was on vacation (Look out Pearl street the police said there have been a string of break ins over there). After not knowing anyone that has been broken into for my entire life, two in a week is a little weird. The Ypsi officer assured me that there aren’t any more break ins than usual.

Secure your house and watch your neighbors houses when they are on vacation.


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