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The Thompson Block and David Kircher

Posted by ppna on June 19, 2008

In response to the uplifting news about the Thompson Block and the possibility of a liquor license application being allowed which will lead to the possible signing of a lease, which will lead to the possibility of Stewart Beal Getting a loan which will lead to the possibility of him starting work on the Thompson Block (Yes, all those Domino’s have to fall for anything to happen) I had to post about the Thompson Block.

I wonder how long the instrument store who signed a lease is obliged to wait or will they soon jump ship when they see the project is stalled and the economy continues to get worse.  The loss of any of the signed tenants will set Beal back further.

There is also the issue that Stewart Beal may have gotten the Thompson Block because of Judge Shelton’s failure to comply with an order from the Court of Appeals and the battle over the ownership is still being fought in the courts.   The deal with Stewart Beal has seemed fishy from the start. In my opinion the city stole the building from David Kircher and gave the building to Stewart Beal. The horrible part about the deal is that the building has suffered more in Beal’s hands than it ever had in Kircher’s (and it suffered under Kircher). The entire Thompson block scheme is as big of a screw up as the Water Street Project except reports come out about how there is light at the end of the rainbow for the Thompson Block which I hope there is but I doubt it.

David Kircher is still fighting for his building (see his legal briefs here)which was sold at auction to pay the $346,186.39 lien against it which was said to be the total cost of repairs done to the building, that amounts to about $25,000 for each window Beal’s crews have taken out of the building. The appeals court has openly stated that Judge Shelton failed to comply with their direct order and he caused a large part of the Thompson Block Mess.

Hopefully the politics of Ypsi have changed enough to keep us from future messes like the ones we continually find ourselves in. The campaigns for local representatives have started so make sure you ask tough questions of your candidates and expect quality answers.


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