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A Repost from Cafe Luwak

Posted by ppna on June 13, 2008

If you read this site I’m sure you know that one of my favorite places in Ypsilanti is Cafe Luwak. I think the food and ice cream are great but the real reason I like the place so much is because of the owner Jim. Here is a repost of a posting on the Cafe Luwak Blog. It shows his sincerity as a business owner that is trying to improve his business by listening to the community around it. Jim has also offered his help with our upcoming neighborhood block party and other things I’m working on through the PPNA. Please make an effort to eat at Cafe Luwak once a week or take the time to fill out his online survey or leave feedback to let him know why you aren’t eating there once a week. I will confess I don’t eat there as often as I’d like but Luwak isn’t the only place I’d like to visit more often.

From Cafe Luwak Blog
Thursday, May 29. 2008
One of the things I am working on is improving our website to make it more interactive. I am adding an improved feedback area that allow customers to give us more detailed feedback on how we are doing, and I am also adding surveys that will help us in deciding our business direction. Questions like what kinds of salads would you like to see on our menu or what is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Can you think of more ways we can improve how environmentally friendly we are?

I really value the customer comments we get, and a number of changes that we have made especially with regards to our environmental footprint have been thanks to customers. Over a year ago I got a comment on one of the comment cards that said we should switch to low energy lighting. The following month we were closed for Easter, and Forrest and I came in and replaced every light bulb in the business with low energy bulbs. Another customer told me about the corn based plastics that were being used on coffee cups, and with a little searching on the internet I found them. I replaced all of our coffee cups, cold cups, salad containers, and take out bags with products made from corn based PLA plastic. Very early we had a lot of comments from our customers that our coffee should be organic and fair trade, and we switched all of our coffees as a result. Board games were another suggestion that came in on a comment card, and we now have a whole shelf full of them.

If you have a suggestion of what you would like to see improved in our business, please let me know. You can always send me an email, leave a comment on a comment card, or stop by our website and leave feedback or fill out one of the new surveys.


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