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Traveling like the pioneers, almost – Canoeing the Huron

Posted by ppna on June 12, 2008

I have a friend lucky enough to have a home on the Huron River in Dexter and since my home is fairly close to the River in Ypsi we decided to travel by Canoe between the two points. According to Google Pedometer the distance along the river is approximately 27miles. One of the highlights of this years trip was when a mink (yes a mink which are apparently common on the Huron) ran along shore, seemingly following our canoe, for a few hundred yards. There were also a lot of turtles (painted, soft-shell and snapping) sunning themselves and plenty of heron, swans, ducks, and geese. I recommend everyone paddle the river once a year its a great way to relax except for those portages.

There are 5 portages along the route from Dexter to Ypsilanti and most are quite horrible things to encounter. I’m not sure why companies that spend millions on dams aren’t required to provide a portage around the dam but I guess that is America today, the electric lobby is a lot stronger than the canoe lobby.

If you are interested in doing things on the River check out the Huron River Watershed Council and then check out their events page.


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