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Frog Island Concert Series 1st Report

Posted by ppna on June 6, 2008

Wednesday the 4th of June was the first event of the Frog Island Concert Series.   The event started at 7pm and I think Runs till 8:30 or 9pm (I had to leave at intermission to catch the start of the Wings Game).  Performing was the WCC Jazz Band and although they weren’t perfect they were quite enjoyable.  It was nice seeing the Frog Island Stage being used.   I hope they don’t go ahead with the bandshell idea because it is nice being able to look through the performers and take in the activities going on in the park.

The spectators were sparse (18 was my count).  Thankfully, there was one guy who was very enthusiastic and mumbled most of the show.  He really gave the concert the good ole’ Ypsi flavor.   My favorite quote was “Right On, You Got it,  Shit” which he repeated quite a few times.

I hope folks start attending these weekly concerts because they are a nice idea and are pretty enjoyable.   I would think 7pm on Wednesday would be a great time to run around the track and listen to good music without the need for an Ipod.

Get out and support what Ypsi is offering your next chance is Friday Night on Washington Street for some good Rock and Rockabilly.

See you there


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