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I love it when things come together

Posted by ppna on May 29, 2008

This coming weekend will be another great weekend in Ypsilanti. The Corner Brewery is letting you get drunk for cheap and the folks from AA are going to help you clean up the mess. Both events will have very good FREE live music so tell your friends and family to head to Ypsilanti this Saturday for a great time.

Don’t forget to stay over for the Orphan Car Show on Sunday.

Saturday May 31st in Ypsilanti:

The Corner Brewery is having their 2 year anniversary party. The Bands are Fantastic so make sure you check them out.

Terrible Twos Anniversary Blowout
May 31, 2008 2:00 PM
Corner Brewery is turning 2! Come and help us celebrate with BBQ in the beer garden, live music, brewery tours, and more. 2-6 pm. Plus every hour from 2-8pm a different beer will be only $2.00 for a half liter! Red Snapper 2-3pm, Old #22 Alt 3-4pm, Brasserie Blonde 4-5pm, Sacred Cow I.P.A. 5-6pm, Tree Fort Ale 6-7pm, and Bavarian Bliss 7-8pm. Mug Club members can have their personal stein filled with any beer, any time(from 2-8pm), including Dubbel, for $2.00! Laurel Premo will be playing 5:00pm – 8:00pm in the lounge and The Ypsitucky Colonels will be playing 8:30pm to 11:30. Click here for Laurel Premo’s myspace page and Here for The Ypsitucky Colonels’.

Just down the street at Riverside Park (or Frog Island, there is different info out there) the Huron Valley Area Intergroup and Dawn Farm are sponsoring SOBERFEST 2008. Click on the image for a larger version.

Here are the links I’ve found to the bands at SoberFest

Live Music, Featuring:

* Noteworthy Performing at 4pm — Shiba combines R&B, jazz, blues and rock into a soulful blend of captivating sound
* Vineyard Church Choir
* Lemon James Band performing at 2pm — She is a Rock N Roll lady
* Breathe Easy Music
* Chris Canas Blues Revolution Band
* The Amazing Kip—Mind Geek & Magician

I sure hope the Soberfest folks recruit people from the Corner Brewery to their event.


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