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Memorial Day Weekend in Ypsilanti

Posted by ppna on May 26, 2008

The Ypsilanti Symphony Orchestra kicked off this Memorial Day weekend with a ‘free’ concert in Riverside Park. The Orchestra sounded great and the event was well attended. It was a nice hour in the park and I hope they take this concert and build on it next year.

Judging from the lines at Lowes and Home-Depot, Sunday was the day everyone in the area decided to do their lawn work and I was one of them. I did take a two hour break to head to the Corner Brewery where Danny Boy was spinning tunes (some low key house and peaceful rock) in the beer garden. I have heard the Danny Boy Lounge Sundays will be a regular event in the Beer Garden so watch for those.

This Morning was the memorial day parade which included 5 bands (East-Middle, West-Middle, Lincoln-Middle, Ypsi-High, Lincoln-High). The Memorial Day parade isn’t much but its a great way to get together with the neighbors to discuss the plans for the rest of the day.

That’s it, a relaxed weekend in the city. I guess the best part about Memorial day is that the Lazy River at Rolling Hills County Park and the Rutherford Pool are both open now.


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