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Luna Lake Project at Prospect Park

Posted by ppna on May 20, 2008

Last night I wandered into the Corner Brewery for a business meeting but ended up sitting in on the Historic East Side Neighborhood Association (HESNA) meeting and found out about the Prospect Park Luna Lake Project.

Here is a brief summary of the Project.

HESNA has raised the necessary funds, through individual donations & a grant from the Wildflower Association of Michigan to restore Luna Lake by adapting it to better serve the community’s current environmental, recreational and educational needs. Rather than reestablish a traditional mechanized pond, HESNA aims to convert the area to a natural rain garden that will use the chemical, biological and physical properties of plants, to absorb and filter storm water runoff. A second, ornamental bed will be installed on the site of the historic, formally landscaped bed to the North of the Lake. The use of Michigan native wildflowers will increase both the educational value and biodiversity of the project.

There is a site preparation day scheduled for June 14, 2008 at 9am to help with the initial clean-up and preparation for planting which is to be done in October. The group is looking for donations of plants and the lending of tools. If you have a Bobcat or other small excavator please donate it for the day. Contact rachel@veris-design.com for information on the plants needed or with any questions.

Please plan on helping on June 14, 2008 at 9AM at Luna Lake in Prospect Park.


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