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Ypsilanti Pride Day

Posted by ppna on May 19, 2008

I’d like to thank the neighbors that showed up to help with Ypsilanti Pride Day. In all we had 6 folks including one very industrious 4 year old who did more than his share of the work. I didn’t put out a full court press on the neighbors so in their defense most of them probably didn’t know what was going on.

What we did won’t really be noticed for a few months but we think it will be a big help. We took on the sidewalk in front of the old Motor Wheel facility closer to the railroad tracks than to Norris. We removed a lot of trash and swept the sidewalk free of glass and removed a lot of wheelbarrows full of dirt that was on the sidewalks. We then planted Sun Flowers and Morning Glories which we hope will help soften the industrial wasteland that extends on Forest Ave from the River to Norris Street. It would be nice if the Company that owns the Motor Wheel Lot and Michigan Ladder Company would work on that corridor themselves but we’ll do what we can. The job was more labor intensive than anyone had imagined it would be. After 3 solid hours of 6 people working we only got about halfway done. We are thinking of attacking that area again while their is still time to plant.

I also want to point out that many drivers slowed down and said “Thank You” which I thought was the nicest thing they could have said. I also should be noted that the Jaycees did a fine job with sponsors and making the after-Picnic a really nice relaxed event. I certainly enjoyed the day and hope to have a larger group joining me next year.


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