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Real Kidz — The Full Story

Posted by ppna on May 19, 2008

I’ve had people ask me about the store in Depot Town called Real Kidz. In short, it is a business set up to design and market clothing to plus sized kids. Thankfully, The Detroit Free Press published an article on Real Kidz, which is a very in depth article and should answer a lot of questions.

What I gathered from the article is that they now have clothes to sell but the plan is to sell them through independent sales reps. It didn’t sound like there were any plans to actually set up a store front in Depot Town. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me for someone to rent in Depot Town but not sell in Depot Town but its their choice.

The Owner, first-time entrepreneur Merrill Guerra, is trying to find capital and sales reps to grow the company. I suggest you read the Free Press article if you are interested. The selection of items can be found at the website  RealKidzClothing.com.


One Response to “Real Kidz — The Full Story”

  1. Merrill said

    Hi there, Thanks so much for your post. I’m glad the article in the Free Press is able to answer questions. In terms of “opening the store,” in June we will begin to have regular office hours (M-F, 9-5) and an open sign in the window. We aren’t currently set up to run like a retail store, but we do have clothing that can be tried on. To purchase we would just fill out the order online (right there in the shop) and then we would “fulfill” the orders placed from our inventory that we keep in the shop. If the foot-traffic increases to the point that we can sustain more traditional retail operations out of our location, then we definitely will do so. In the meantime we plan to be involved and supportive of the Depot Town and Downtown efforts to spur interest and activity in our area.


    Merrill Guerra
    Founder and CEO
    RealKidz, Inc.

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