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Thompson Block

Posted by ppna on May 12, 2008

If you’ve driven by the Thompson Block lately you’ve probably noticed there are a couple dumpsters parked outside and there is one full of bricks. I hope these dumpsters show that Beal is finally starting to work on the project. There was some disturbing news at the last city council meeting however.

According to the Ann Arbor News
Developer Stewart Beal said banks are not loaning him enough money to renovate the Thompson Building in Ypsilanti Depot Town, so this week he asked the Ypsilanti City Council to waive about $47,000 in fees to help him with construction costs.

Thankfully the City Council rejected Beal’s request. The paper said that Beal will again bring up the issue of $15,000 he is being charged for not having parking for his building. The City uses the fee to help keep up community parking lots. I hope City Council refuses his next request as well.

Thank you council


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